Celebrating centenary birth anniversary of Pt Ravi Shankar

Celebrating centenary birth anniversary of Pt Ravi Shankar

The centenary tour planned for April has been postponed, informs Sukanya Shankar, late sitar maestro’s spouse

2020 marks 100 years since the birth of seminal Indian musician, composer, educator and sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar.

Ravi Shankar's influence spanning continents, generations and taking Indian classical music to global audience has no parallel.

The Indian music lovers will be celebrating the centenary birth anniversary of the sitar maestro, an Indian classical music legend and an international icon on April 7, 2020.

The Grammy Award winner, late Pt Ravi Shankar's spouse, Sukanya Shankar says, "My late husband is my God and his service is my prayer."

"I cannot believe that a single person can do so much in a lifetime. He has given the world so much and done his country proud. His immense contribution to music, musicians and humanity is colossal," she adds.

Meanwhile, the centenary tour got cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic. She says, "We will celebrate the occasion quietly at home, play his music, cook his favourite food and interact with his disciples on social media."

Sharing more on his beautiful character, she says, "He was a kind person. He never forgot people who had helped him and always expressed gratitude to them.

I know many people who the late Pandit had helped. They know in their heart what he had done for them, even though they may not acknowledge it.

He worked hard till the very end of his life as he always believed on improvising and evolving in everything."

They say music therapy is healing. In these difficult times, do you think it can help people in some way?

"Music plays an important role in one's life at any given time. Long time ago there was an experiment and study of how music helped reduce blood pressure in patients.

It was Raviji's music which had the positive effect. Also there was a study on growth of plants and again it was Raviji's music which nourished the plants.

Raviji always talked and lectured about the importance of music and how important it was for every child to be exposed to it," Sukanya shares.

Recalling her memories with Pt Ravi Shankar, she says, "I am very blessed to be married to the great man and a music legend. He was the most loving and kind person with a great sense of humour. In all the 40 years that I knew him, he never once raised his voice at me."

About present music trend, she says, "I don't want to be opinionated or judgmental about anything. There is a place for every kind of music in this world and one should respect everybody's choice. It's a personal thing."

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