Have luscious lips this season

Have luscious lips this season

Monsoon lips tend to get affected easily. They crack due to dryness and become pale and patchy.


Monsoon lips tend to get affected easily. They crack due to dryness and become pale and patchy. This gives an ugly look to the overall presentation of oneself.

Here are few tips that could help you to maintain your lips during the monsoon season

Scrub gently

Lips are subtle areas and so must be handled gently. Dead cell formation on the lips makes it dry and patchy.

To get rid of such dead cell formation exfoliates the lips applying petroleum jelly and then brushing the same with soft bristle brush.

Gently rubbing the lips with soft bristled tooth brush removes dead cells from the lips making it look healthy.

Keep your lips hydrated

Drink enough of liquids, in particular water so you feel hydrated from inside.

Keeping oneself hydrated removes toxins from the body making the lips soft and smooth.

Consuming fresh juices and drinks that Detox will also help get rid of dead cells from the lips making them look gorgeous.

Lip Massage

Improving the circulation of blood in the lips removes the dead cells automatically.

For improving the blood circulation in the lips, massage them regularly with Jojoba cream, Butter and Olive Oil.

Just apply them over the lips and squeeze and press the lips for some time gently to experience a positive effect.

Mositurise your lips

Allowing your lips to be dry may lead to cracks in them. Cracks not only make your lips ugly but because pain and bleeding when not attended to on time.

Keeping them moisturized always helps prevent them from drying. Lip balms, Petroleum jelly and Olive oil can be applied from time to time to keep lips from turning dry.

Use natural mosituriser

While there are many artificial options available to avoid dry lips or moisturizing your lips, opting for natural remedies available for the same is advisable.

Some natural products that are effective healers are Cocoa butter, Almond oil, Olive Oil and Butter.

Apply any one of these or a combination of these and gently massage lips regularly to avoid them from getting dried up leading to cracks and bleeding.

Eat healthy

Green vegetables and fresh fruits always give rosiness to the lips. They help keeping the lips hydrated and fresh.

Avoid using oily and spicy foods so the lips do not get dry and unhealthy. Avoid smoking since it discolors the lips making them dry and dehydrated.

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