MyVoice: Views of our readers 24th June 2022

MyVoice: Views of our readers 24th June 2022

MyVoice: Views of our readers 24th June 2022

The 'chutney, sambar' of AP politics

With elections due in less than two years, the AP electorate is at the crossroads now. The voters have before them four serious contenders, aspiring to form the government in 2024. They are 1. YSR Congress 2. TDP 3. Jana Sena and 4. BJP. The Congress and other sundry parties may also be in the fry, but they will at best be counted as also-rans.

As for YSR Congress, the party claims to have distributed Navaratnas to the people and is counting its votes on the strength of the freebies distributed. But it is not clear how many of the targeted people received those freebies. Secondly, TDP lost power in the last elections for not living up to the expectations of the people and it remains to be seen how it would win back the faith of the voters all over again.

Thirdly, Jana Sena is another family party of the state with the film star Pawan Kalyan as its head. Only thing is that earlier, it was his brother who formed a party, won some seats and washed his hands off by merging it with Congress party and is now happy pursuing his film career all over again. Pawan Kalyan has to make the voter believe that his is not going to be a similar case. Now, his party has aligned with BJP and hopes to make it big at the hustings with its help.

Lastly, BJP wants to win the elections and form the government in Andhra Pradesh even after denying Special Status to the deprived state, without giving any assurance on Capital or Polavaram and separate railway zone, going all out on privatisation of steel plants and ports . It wants the AP electorate to be impressed with the charismatic duo, Modi ji and Amit Shah and vote for it (BJP).

Unless AP were like some North Indian states, such a contingency can only be hypothetical and whimsical. Even state level BJP leaders do not appear to be bothered about what all are denied to the state by the centre. As it appears now, the main parties are YSR Congress and TDP. And BJP and Jana Sena look like chutney and sambar, which can be preferred along with the main dish only.

S Padmanabhan, Nellore

Tiger forced to meow?

In a twist of events, the Maharashtra government led by chief minister Udhav Thakeray despite putting a brave face appears to be on the brink of collapse after the rebel group of Shiv Sena led by Eknath Shinde gives an ultimatum that Sena must leave MVA immediately. This has not only placed Uddhav in a fix but he quietly vacated the official CM' s bungalow thereby indicating to step down. In the midst of political drama unfolding in Maharashtra, things have become abundantly clear that not only the days of MVA government is numbered but also Shiv Sena is heading for a split. With coalition partners NCP and Congress distancing from Sena and making no effort whatsoever to save the MVA government from falling, it is obvious the state is in a quandary.

Also, it is a bitter lesson to Uddhav for parting ways with BJP and joining hands with Congress and NCP for CMship in 2019. All in all, Uddhav not only ended up losing a coveted position but it also proved a death-knell for the party with Congress-NCP inflicting damage to Sena by alienating many sainiks as a result the party is staring at trouble.

K R Srinivasan, Secunderabad

Agnipath and pension burden

Apropos 'Will Agnipath scheme be a game changer?' those serving in the armed forces cannot be treated as mere employees working for a salary. No other employer demands the ultimate sacrifice from its employees like the armed forces.

The manner in which corporate India has backed this scheme makes it a little suspicious. How many business houses have employed ex-servicemen at present? Considering that till now many have retired from the forces after a 15 year stint means that thousands of 30-35 year olds were available in the job market.

Surely somebody with 15 years in the army will be more disciplined than a 4-year stint. Therefore the sentiment expressed by business honchos of providing jobs for the Agniveers cannot be taken seriously.

Concerns about the burgeoning pension bills are legitimate. So how about making a change in the pensions paid to our elected representatives? Many are drawing more than one pension.

Most are very well placed financially and loss of pensions is not going to make much of a difference to them. See how they will all stand together if any efforts are taken to tamper with their pensions irrespective of political affiliations.

Anthony Henriques, Mumbai

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