MyVoice: Views of our readers 24th October 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 27th October 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 27th October 2021


Apropos 'Hindu Dharma, not a Religion', by K Krishna Saagar Rao

Inclusiveness is the essence of Hindu Dharma

Apropos 'Hindu Dharma, not a Religion', by K Krishna Saagar Rao. The Hindu religion is undoubtedly a way of life, based on 'Sanatana Dharma' - the willing inclusiveness to include other religious groups, and entities into its fold, unconditionally, is the eternal beauty and wisdom of Hinduism. This is the biggest virtue, and greatness of Hinduism, to view all religions in the world as pathways to God and Godhood. But, this goodness and broadminded attitude exhibited by the community in India is seldom appreciated by other religions, to view and exploit the religion to be soft, and a fit case to dominate in various ways.

The essence of Hinduism lies in the truth that all life on earth that manifested in innumerable forms is the indwelling spark of God, in humans, animals, plants; and other organisms big and small. Even the inanimate things on earth have divinity hidden in them, the reality of which is perceived as one evolves on the spiritual ladder, to unravel various subtleties, intuitively, and by direct perception.

The profound aspects of Hinduism are espoused in universal love - brotherhood - religion, to ultimately culminate in an universal vision that is not easily understood by other religious groups in the country, while Islam also talks of the underlying soul in every human form, but never attempts to put this into practice, with no hesitation to jump at other's throats with impunity as love and compassion are liberally ingrained into that religion, but dismally fail to express in true terms of humanitarian aspects and social life.

The crowning glory of Hinduism is desisting from the practice of religious conversion that Christianity and Islam indulge with a feverish pitch. The lack of unity among the Hindus, cited to be the reason for foreign invaders to rule over the country for so many centuries, during which countless conversions had taken place that helped swell the population of Christians and Muslims in the country, who were originally the Hindu population.

In the present scenario of religious extremism by a certain religious entity in the world, the spiritual and other profound aspects that Hinduism believe and practice are being put to test to face the threat of onslaught. Hinduism in order to survive and surmount the brutal threat must learn to unify meaningfully to keep at bay the cunning and calculated plans of the religious zealots, and their wicked designs to subjugate the country and people; that will not be allowed taking things lying down, to be rebuffed by calling their bluff.

S Lakshmi, Hyderabad

Handle specially-abled people sensitively

It is really a very sad happening faced by Sudha Chandran, a noted classical dancer and actress who was recently asked to remove her prosthetic leg for a security check up by the CISF personnel at Mumbai airport. No doubt the CISF has done its duty as per the instructions given to them in view of security threats being received by the Intelligence team of the country from different places.

At the same time it is also humiliating for the concerned dancer / actress who has set a world record in the country in those times exhibiting tremendous courage and willpower towards classical dance in spite of her losing a leg in an accident. The Telugu film "Mayuri " in which she acted was a super duper hit movie in those times which has infused and motivated several disabled persons in not losing courage and to face the problem with courage and willpower.. The film has received tremendous accolades both at national as well as international levels and received several rewards/ awards after the film was dubbed in different languages in the country.

Sudha Chandran has received immense fame and reputation which the country should not forget. This is in fact a lesson to the central government ( irrespective of politics ) that they should create a data of all such great persons in different fields who have served the society in their own way at different points of time by issuing some cards or letters of special nature etc which will be of some help to these artistes in preventing humiliation/ embarrassing situations at important places.

At least the removal of prosthetic feet or any such dangerous disability etc can be reduced to certain extent so as to avoid humiliation to these artistes at important places. Security checks should be done but then it should also be done wisely in certain compelling circumstances.

Katuru Durga Prasad Rao, Hyderabad

Modi is a publicity monger

The report that India completed 100 crore doses of Covid-19 vaccine is undoubtedly a proud moment for us but projecting the same as Modi government's achievement is not fair (PM hails 100- Cr jab feat, October 23). What is the need to address the nation on TV? . Why Modi maintains studied silence on growing petrol prices, unemployment and bad loans in banks?. Why no reaction about the criticisms on Pegasus spyware, PM care -funds , new farm laws and so on?. It is amusing Modi government takes credit for positive news and cleverly hides it's failures.

Kshirasagara Balaji Rao, Hyderabad

Crush spread of vices with an iron hand

Quoting reference to first page wonderfully captioned with highlighted headlines "Pubs & clubs turn into hubs of drugs" and edit page essayist Ramu Sarma's "Comprehensive action is the only way" (THI, October 23), it is quite distressingly and dishearteningly felt how the nation of peace, harmony, well renowned culture and appreciably well-built heritage is getting deteriorated and destroyed. The way the governments concerned and their controlling authority at the Centre are negligent to rein in the radicals, rascals and rogues responsible for growing and selling inebriated drugs like ganja, narcotics, etc., habituating the youth and others is not only harming the health but also precipitating involvement in anti-social activities.

News reveal that governments, specially Telangana and especially Andhra Pradesh are availing of exorbitant loans beyond their annual budgets leaving debt clearance period for 15 long years. It is well known fact that these loans and maximum share in central funds together with states revenue are being distributed towards freebies with a goal to garner votes in the ensuing elections thereby financial health is in hazardous state.

In order to gather more and more money (revenue), raising of liquor rates, encouraging indirectly ganja crop in thousands of acres and transporting within and outside states has become a regular feature and also turning a Nelson's eye on sandalwood smuggling. Under these conditions, why certain persons will keep quiet without becoming burglars, pilferers, criminals and chain snatchers for getting easy money to enjoy life at others' expense? Pub and club culture must be extinguished on top priority as youth are being targeted.

It is high time, though not an unknown fact, the governments weeded out what are all said to be injurious to stability and sustainability of state, health of its subjects unmindful of illegal earnings. We have read golden era periods in various kingdoms right from our scholastic days. It is not at all tough if rulers are stern to punish the wrong and restore the right. Violence is wrong, but it is more wrongful if violence is spared with mercy. This is what Ramayana and Mahabharata taught us very explicitly.

Dr NSR Murthy, Secunderabad

Sorry state of affairs in Kerala

Kerala State is full of dichotomies and staunch communists, religion was promoted extensively, not only as a tourist attraction, but for devotion; men are more into politics or similar activities within the State but outside the State, one of the best workers and hard working too; people study there but move out of the state for gainful employment and they go abroad, but send their children back to India for studies and very affectionate and helpful people but little socialising with other people. They learn Hindi but avoid speaking it within the state.

And one segment is very prudent and believes in minimalism, while another spends lavishly, many such inconsistencies often surprise one and all but the family loves the State and the people. What we are perplexed about them and also about Bengalis is their electoral preferences despite the damage these parties have caused over decades.

The state of affairs is witnessed from the Kuwait war and the migration to other countries for job has come down drastically after the pandemic. Despite having good Kharif crops they struggle for existence. It is indeed a sorry state of affairs.

M R Jayanthi, Mumbai

A momentous occasion for sure

Independent India has arrived at yet another momentous occasion as it administers 100 crore vaccines to its population. This achievement truly showcases its remarkable journey from despair to delight as the country had to face several hardships since the outbreak of the pandemic to the mega vaccination drives it has undertaken so far.

This achievement also showcases our team India spirit which is evident in our fight against the microbe through nationwide lockdowns to successful transportation of vaccines to the destination with little ease. Coordinated and concerted efforts can combat any uncertainty. The government has also succeeded in infusing a sense of faith among the population who were extremely apprehensive during the initial phases of the vaccination drive. Prime Minister Narendra Modi deserves due credit in building a sense of trust among the population which was engulfed by a strange sense of vacillation during the early phases of the pandemic. One would presume that the fight against the pandemic ends sooner and the normalcy is restored at the earliest.

Satish Reddy Kanaganti, Tipparthy, Nalgonda

Lessons from stock market

I have been learning to trade stocks for three months. During this period, I attempted to learn and comprehend the stock market using the internet's tools. I made a profit of one rupee when I initially started Intraday stock trading. Although this is a little sum, it has piqued my curiosity in the stock market. With numerous great profits and big losses so far, the stock market has given me the opportunity to discover and feel many untouched parts of life. The first point to remember is that stock trading is not a speculative activity. Those who fantasise about becoming wealthy through chance have no place here. The stock market provides opportunities for individuals who behave with discipline, patience, and understanding while making decisions.

When I am learning how to trade stocks, I realise how valuable time is. In a fraction of a second, stock prices rise or decrease. A skilled tender must make the proper judgment to enter into a trade or quit a trade that has already been taken in such situations. The heartbeat begins to increase when the value of a purchased stock rises or falls. There is no need to make decisions based on your emotions in this case.

As with any trade, there is the possibility of making a profit or a loss. However, in the stock market, luck is not enough. Instead, the trade must be made after calculating the profit or loss ahead of time. I need to decide how much profit or loss I want to make from the trade. Failure to do so could result in serious consequences. All of this is true in my circumstance as well. People frequently engage in stock trading in response to positive or negative news about a stock. However, I thought it to be a hazardous move on my part. Trading without a thorough understanding of the stock's volatility raises our risk of losing money.

Professionals can also be found on the stock exchange. Just as being a doctor necessitates an extensive study and the development of practical abilities, stock trading necessitates ongoing education. When we invest our money in stock trading, both fear and greed take over. I did not get out of the trade on time, even after taking profits several times, and I ended up losing a lot of money. Controlling both the greed of large profits and the fear of loss in the proper way is critical.

My most important lesson is that in order to become a successful stock trader, one must learn to adjust to the market over time. I believe that stock trading is the best method to grow as an emotionally mature person.

Amit Singh Kushwaha, Satna (MP)

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