BJP MLA Yatnal's Accusation Sparks Controversy

BJP MLA Yatnals Accusation Sparks Controversy

Claims CM Shared Stage with ISIS-Linked Maulvi

Belagavi: In a heated development, Basanagouda Patil Yatnal, a prominent BJP leader and Vijayapura MLA, has levied serious allegations against Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. Yatnal accuses the Chief Minister of sharing a stage in Hubballi with a Maulvi purportedly linked to the terror organisation, ISIS. The MLA has vowed to bring the issue to the attention of central leaders, calling for a thorough investigation into the matter.

The controversy stems from an event attended by CM Siddaramaiah on Monday evening, a Muslim religious leaders' convention of South India in Hubballi. Reacting strongly to this, Yatnal has urged the Chief Minister to initiate a probe into his claims, challenging him to uncover the truth about the alleged connections between the Maulvi and ISIS.

While not disclosing the Maulvi's identity, Yatnal pledged to reveal further details in a week's time. He expressed his intention to furnish all pertinent information to central leaders and federal agencies, condemning the Chief Minister for participating in a gathering where individuals allegedly working against the country were present.

Additionally, Yatnal accused CM Siddaramaiah of engaging in 'appeasement' politics and reminded him that he is the Chief Minister for all citizens, not just a specific community. This accusation comes in the wake of Siddaramaiah's statement during the convention, where he expressed his commitment to allocating a share of the national wealth to Muslims.

The statement had faced opposition from several BJP and JDS leaders, with Yatnal joining the ranks of critics.

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