Hyderabad: Muslims fear vaccine could invalidate fast

Muslims fear vaccine could invalidate fast

Muslims fear vaccine could invalidate fast


Fatwa orders vaccine while fasting does not invalidate fast

Charminar: Even as the Fatwa (religious opinion) was issued by the Islamic clerics that taking Covid-19 vaccination while fasting in the holy month of Ramzan is permissible and does not invalidate the fast, the misinformation has impacted the vaccination programme in the Old City of Hyderabad. It has been observed that the lack of awareness and misinformation to take a vaccination while fasting or not has impacted the drive. People are still confused whether to take the jab or not.

On visiting hospitals in Old City, it has been observed that a very few patients turned up to take vaccine. "Only a few hundred took the dose of the vaccine since Ramzan started. From last week, the number has seen a further dip. Daily around 50 persons are coming for jab, but the number of Muslims remains less," said a doctor at the Government Nizamia General Hospital.

Government hospitals located in the southern part of the city, including Osmania General hospital, Government Nizamia General Unani hospital and Malakpet Area hospital were permitted to administer vaccines to the eligible persons.

"Observing the surge in positive cases, my 68-year-old father and I came to take the vaccine. While my father took the jab, I am still confused whether the vaccine will invalidate my fast," said Mohammed Omer, resident of Dabeerpura, who came with his father to take the inoculation at Nizamia Hospital.

Looking at reports claiming that vaccine takers tested positive even after taking a jab, many citizens question, "Even after taking Covid vaccine many are testing positive so why should we take it?"

Shaik Jaber resident of Barkas, who was in dilemma whether to take or not to take the vaccine said, "I am not sure if it is permissible to take vaccine while fasting, even as there are many other doubts raised saying that people got infected with the virus even after getting vaccinated, then why should I take vaccine jab and invalidate my fast."

Earlier, this month before the commencement of Ramzan a fatwa issued by a Darul Ifta Al Mahad ul Aali al Islami in Hyderabad stated that taking Covid-19 vaccine while fasting does not invalidate the fast. The fatwa stated, "Vaccine can be taken during fasting, and it does not invalidate the fast as the vaccine does not enter the stomach through the throat."

One of the religious Mufti Syed Asifuddin Qasmi said that at a time when vaccination has become a necessity to stay safe, Muslims can go for vaccination while fasting. Roza observed by Muslims does not break due to taking vaccination, which is injected. "Vaccine doses, which are given in intramuscular injection can be taken, but oral vaccines can invalidate the fast. For taking such vaccines people must consider the opinion of the religious head," he added.

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