Hyderabad residents recall last year's ordeal

Hyderabad residents recall last years ordeal

Hyderabad residents recall last year's ordeal


In August and September last, the rains lashed the city causing floods, especially in low-lying areas of the Old City

Hyderabad: The incessant rains for the last two days are giving sleepless nights to the citizens with many of them recalling the ordeal they faced last. In August and September last year, the rains lashed the city causing floods, especially in low-lying areas.

Several residents in Rein Bazar, Yakutpura and those residing near nalas are constant fear with rising water levels in the nalas.

Mohammed Abdul Rahman, a social activist, said that the monsoon action plan works were still going on. Works at London Bridge in Rein Bazar were on. During the recent and ongoing rains, the water flow increased. No barricading was done near the work spots. If it rains heavily it will damage the works done flooding nearby areas.

He pointed out that a major nala was flowing from Chandrayangutta, Baba Nagar, Uppuguda, via Edi Bazar, Yakutpura, Dabeerpura, Azampura to Chaderghat and would be linked to Musi river. Work in the nala has to be done permanently to avoid flooding.

Aqseel Ahmed, a resident, said, "Similarly, another work of retaining wall of the nala in Chota Chanda Nagar (Yakutpura) is going on. The nearby properties were demolished as part of the nala-widening. The local residents fear floods in the area when heavy rains occur."

Pointed Abdul Rahman in several localities in southern part of the city roads have potholes and piles of garbage. The rain and piled up garbage give pave way for increase in vector-borne diseases. "The GHMC has distributed garbage bags in a view of Bakrid and asked the residents to keep them outside houses. As the civic body staff did not turn up to collect bags, people threw garbage littering the roads. And with rains, muck spread all over."

At several places in Charminar and Bahadurpura circles, including Himmatpura, Qazipura, Misrigunj, Nawab Sahab Kunta, Mecca Colony and Teegalakunta roads were flooded with sewage overflow. "Several areas are witnessing overflow of sewage and storm water. The overflowing water is entering houses. Many low-lying areas are experiencing water blockage," said Mohammed Ahmed, vice-president, TDP Greater Hyderabad Minority Cell.

"Even after last year's floods, the civic body is yet to come up with anymonsoon action plan. It shows their nonchalance towards Old City," he remarked.

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