Positive mind frame works wonders to recuperate

Mukala Venkata Muralikrishna

Mukala Venkata Muralikrishna


  • Positive thoughts and hygienic lifestyle essential to throw virus out
  • Isolation helps; rejuvenate thought process & restructure priorities
  • "Preparing ourselves to deal with Covid is battle half won"

Visakhapatnam: "We are stronger than the virus. And so are our family responsibilities, ambitions as well. Positive thoughts and a hygienic lifestyle are essential to throw the virus out of our life and make the world a better place to live in," opines Mukala Venkata Muralikrishna, who recovered from Covid-19.

A fitness freak himself, Muralikrishna is the chief coach and managing partner of Laqshya Badminton Academy. Today, he is glad to bounce back from the infection to resume his routine with much vigour "thanks to doctors GVS Ramu and Gopichand Dadithota, who were constantly in touch with me and monitoring my condition," he shares.

But, besides medication and sticking to the doctors' list of dos and don'ts on Corona management, the best part of Muralikrishna's recovery reflects on how he engaged himself by focusing on the aspects he has to do once he recuperates. "I was in touch with my trainees through social media platforms, engaged them in various creative activities and made sure that they got their daily dose of physical exercise," he elaborates.

In fact, Muralikrishna says, he benefited from isolation as they helped him pounce on work with added energy, rejuvenate the thought process and restructure priorities. "Preparing ourselves to deal with the virus is a battle half won. Throughout my isolation period, I had put an end to worries, relaxed as much as possible and got in touch with my school buddies without actually revealing the situation I was in. It helped me a great deal to overcome stress," he informs.

Reviewing the badminton study and designing age-wise training programmes were the other areas of focus Muralikrishna was involved in. "The effort was more on the aspects I need to lay my hands on post-recovery. Erasing worries from my mind and concentrating on future activities worked wonders for me, along with medication," he recalls.

After 15 days of home isolation, when he stepped on to the terrace, he felt out of control as if he was about to fall. "It may be because of the medication, lack of physical activity coupled with fear factors. That's when I remembered my opponents' comments -- 'playing badminton with you is like watching a Matrix movie'. I used to be very swift in reflexes that hardly takes me a fraction of a second. But if a fit person like me feels overwhelmed with fear, what about others? Then I decided to open up and share my experience with Covid-19. May be, it will help someone recover faster," the chief coach adds.

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