Assault Incident In Karnataka Sparks Controversy Amidst Rising Tensions

Assault Incident In Karnataka Sparks Controversy Amidst Rising Tensions

  • A recent assault case in Karnataka, where a man from a minority community attacked a woman seeking to end their friendship, has intensified tensions.
  • The incident, occurring in the wake of the tragic murder of college student Neha Hiremath, underscores broader societal concerns and prompts debate over issues like 'love jihad'.

A man belonging to a minority community in Karnataka was apprehended after assaulting a woman who sought to terminate their friendship. The woman, gripped by fear following the tragic murder of college student Neha Hiremath, visited Aftab's residence in Hubballi's Keshwarpura police station jurisdiction to return gifts but faced scolding and repeated slapping.

According to the police, the woman and Aftab, a fruit vendor, had been acquaintances. However, the woman expressed her desire to sever ties following the unsettling murder of Neha Hiremath, daughter of a Congress councilor, by her former classmate Fayaz, which shook Karnataka.

When the woman approached Aftab, he incinerated the gifts, scolded her, and physically assaulted her by repeatedly slapping her. Fortunately, a passerby intervened and rescued the woman.

Recalling her experience, the woman revealed that Aftab had been pursuing her for two years, showering her with gifts like bags and other items. "Despite my attempts to maintain a friendly relationship, I grew suspicious of Aftab's intentions after the Neha Hiremath incident and decided to cut all ties with him," she stated.

The woman agreed to meet Aftab in a public space to return the gifts, feeling secure in the presence of others. However, upon doing so and expressing her desire to end their friendship, she faced physical assault, including a blow to her head with a heavy object.

Expressing indignation over the incident, the passerby who intervened asserted that the perpetrator should face consequences for his actions. He questioned the audacity of individuals to resort to violence or even murder, emphasizing the importance of standing against such behavior.

Meanwhile, members of a Hindu organization stepped in to rescue the woman and confronted Aftab. Subsequently, the woman filed a police report, leading to the registration of an FIR, and the accused was apprehended.

The incident echoes the tragic murder of Neha Hiremath, who was fatally stabbed on the campus of KLE Technological University in Hubballi Dharwad. While her former classmate Fayaz Khodunaik was swiftly arrested, the circumstances surrounding the incident have sparked controversy, with the opposition BJP and the Congress government engaging in debate over 'love jihad' allegations.

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