What ails Congress?

What ails Congress?

Ignorance, laziness, arrogance, says PK

New Delhi: Political strategist Prashant Kishor said "ignorance, laziness, arrogance" were ailing the Congress from achieving electoral success and advised Rahul Gandhi to take a break from politics.

Kishore, in an exclusive conversation with a news channel, said that the grand old party should get rid of and move beyond the 'status quo' as far as the party leadership is concerned.

Upon being asked about the possible ways for improvement in Congress's future prospects in Indian politics, Prashant Kishor replied "Improvement only comes after one realises that they lack something and need to improve."

He went on to explain that the status quo suggests there is ‘mental ignorance, mental or intellectual laziness or arrogance’. “It’s like someone is of the firm view that they are on the right path, but the people are probably not able to understand what they are doing”, he elaborated.

Prashant Kishor went on to add that another possibility behind the present condition of the Congress is that they are ‘way too ignorant’ about what all is going on in Indian politics and what needs to be done in order for it to improve.

Sharing his own personal view about the Congress, Kishor said “I think it’s a combination of all three (ignorance, laziness, arrogance) that, first, the Congress is not necessarily understanding as to why people do not vote for it when it comes to elections. Second, even if they understand, they are lazy enough to not make an effort to make course corrections. Third is the arrogance that they feel like even if people are not voting for them, they will realise their mistake someday and will eventually vote for the party.”

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