Doing PhD a dull affair here
Doing PhD a dull affair here

Nellore: Dropout is a common problem in African countries due to poor education system, erratic curriculum and other financial obstacles. But in Nellore, scholars of Vikrama Simhapuri University who pursue research programmes prefer to dropout indicating about the unattractive system being adopted by the varsity and the poor environs for hassle-free completion of the doctoral degree.

  • Drop out or delaying programme order of the day in VSU
For instance, Department of Social Work failed to produce even a single Ph D till now since the establishment of the university in 2008. Some scholars left the varsity without completing the programme and some others have been inactive due to lack of support from the varsity in terms of project-based employment or any other source of livelihood after registration.    

“I registered for the Ph D in the varsity some 6 years ago. But, now I am searching for some employment as the faculty members have never tried to get a project or some other activity that gives some sort of financial support to the scholars who were not getting fellowship.

“Lack of coordination among the faculty members and with the university top brass is leading to major obstacle in pursuing the programme,” said a senior scholar who completed his duration.

Of late, many students have fed up with the system being adopted by the varsity administration where there were no standards and proper system for early completion of the programmes. Majority departments produced Ph Ds in single number and a few have double number.

“There is no mention about number of Ph D degrees awarded on the website of the varsity and they mingled with the research projects. Very few Vice Chancellors like Prof K Visweswara Rao had vision and maintained standards of the varsity. Now, there is no coordination among various wings and they always fight for positions undermining progress of the institution,” said a senior faculty member.

Normally, students pursuing research programmes get support from CSIR junior research fellowship, MHRD fellowships, DAE awards and there are more opportunities for stipend in science and technology stream from various other sources both government and reputed institutions.

These fellowships support the scholars to take up the research activity without any pressure from financial predicaments during the period and complete the programme on time. But, the varsity has not been properly focusing on such opportunities providing local employment or any support through funded projects making the students disheartened.

“No basic facilities for the scholars in the varsity like a room, computers, internet connectivity, laboratory and others. Even though a big campus was constructed, there is no facility for the scholars who have to roam around the campus or should confine to their rooms in the hostel,” yelled a scholar with discouragement.

Interestingly, there were no serious research activities connected to the contemporary issues for developing knowledge base or finding a solution to the problem through the study. Guides were also simply confining to the age-old topics that have been studied for some decades and the students also were not showing any interest on them.

For instance, Department of Social Work related to social activities and there should be some coordination between the local reputed NGOs and the department for exchange of knowledge and sharing of experiences at grassroots. But, there was no such effort and no NGO knows about the department and the research programmes of the varsity. Even for coordinator posts, they have been searching for scholars from other varsities such as Andhra University.

“There is no seriousness among the scholars who basically complete the programme without any serious effort. This is the basic reason for less number of Ph D degrees. Even though we guide them for early completion, they should come forward with good spirit,” commented a senior faculty member on the condition of anonymity.

By PV Prasad

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