From a small time MC to a digital rock star, Divya Anveshita shares her story of success
From a small time MC to a digital rock star, Divya Anveshita shares her story of success

She was a small time MC doing events and struggling to make her name in the field. Social media provided her an opportunity to create her own path to success, and she worked dedicatedly and steadily doing live debates on various issues and gaining views and followers , online. Today she is confident, successful and content. Her work has recently been recognised - and she is overwhelmed - Big FM gave her the title Digital Rock Star. This youngster who knows that opportunity knocks but once, and has utilised it well, shares her MC to Rock Star story, 

Tell us about yourself?
I started my career doing small events, where I was not really recognised at first. I faced a lot of problems and issues. After I started my own Facebook page, in 2016,  for my first live video I got around 72k views and the live video was of two minutes. I was overwhelmed with the views I got and that is when I started doing more live videos. Since, then I never looked back. I work as an MC in events and I am singer too. I had also composed songs and released it on facebook. 
How did you get the idea of doing live debates on Facebook?
Initially I opened my FB  page to promote my events. Actually, my name is Divya Komaraju on Facebook, I wanted my name to sound different and that is when I named my page as Divya Anveshita Live. I started posting pictures of my events and when I got the option of going live, I tried doing the live video for two minutes, which became a hit. 

Life after starting Facebook page? 
Without Facebook I used to do small shows and I suffered much financially. After starting Facebook page everything changed and I was called as guest during events. Through this I got a break which gave me an opportunity to host a show along with Tollywood king Nagarjuna which was again the best and the most wonderful experience of my life. It was like dream come true.

What are the issues you debate on?
I concentrate on the issues related to women. When I go live on Facebook, I take calls where people share their problems and I try to give out solutions for those problems.

Which was the best debate among all of your debates?
I have done many debates on a lot of issues; recently I spoke about the Kathua rape case. The best experience among all of my debates was when a person called me up during a live debate. He wanted to end his life. I motivated him and now he is doing good and running his own business, this made me really happy.

Tell us about digital rock star award? 
Big FM on May 11 has awarded me with a digital rock star award for my constant views n my page and consistency of my work. They observed me for a week and looking at the views that I get on the debates they have awarded me. 

What is your next target?
Facebook is giving four hours live which I am utilising in the best way possible. If I get a chance to do 24 hours live I would be really happy to do it.