Openness in education helps in all-round awareness

Openness in education helps in all-round awareness

Sex education: Openness in education helps in all-round awareness, sex education should be a part of the school syllabus. In today’s modern age the...

In my point of view , sex education should be a part of the school syllabus. In today’s modern age the children should be well-informed about the dangers before they land into troubles. Such kind of education in schools makes them aware of the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. In a country like India, parents do not speak freely with their children about sex. Therefore it becomes a bounded duty of the teacher or the school to impart knowledge about it.

Sex education is not just about sexual intercourse but includes other sensitive issues like sexual health, sexual behaviour, birth control methods, safe sex and sexually transmitted diseases. Growing incidence of teenage pregnancies and the rise in HIV reveals that there is a need for sexual education in schools.

Due to hormonal influence and easy access to information, children develop curiosity about sex during adolescence. They are often misled by peer group, obscene movies, magazines and pornographic websites. Therefore sex education in school inculcates correct concepts they need to learn. Continuous guidance and counselling by teachers can put them in right track.

Sex involves health risks such as Sexually Transmitted Diseases like Gonorrhoea, HIV and unwanted pregnancies etc. It is at this age that the youngsters get attracted to know all about sex and fall in prey to Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Hence sex education is indispensable for people to make important decisions in their lives. Myths regarding sex can be dispelled by sex education.

As we cannot truly stop teenagers becoming sexually active sex education is highly recommended to be introduced at the school level as early as possible. Considering the sexual assaults and crimes happening around; Govt. of India should make sexual education an integral part of regular education as the victims and culprits are mostly teenagers.

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