Reading Skills -1

Reading Skills -1

Effective communication skills are always crucial in academic as well as professional settings They are more imperative these days amidst the unusual...

Effective communication skills are always crucial in academic as well as professional settings. They are more imperative these days amidst the unusual advancements in technology, globalization, increasing cultural diversity, and also the adoption of team-based structure in corporate work places.

Every language can be learnt by means of four skills: listening, speaking, reading & writing. Among these, attentive listening will make one speak better and wide reading will help one write better.

Reading is one of the most significant academic tasks to be done by students on a regular basis; it is similarly significant in the profit-making corporate world. One may have to listen to people or read a variety of texts ranging from a short e-mail to a large book or extensive report every day.

The purpose of reading is to unite the ideas on the page to what one already knows. If the content in the text is unfamiliar to the reader, then this content will have a major influence on one’s mind. In further readings, the reader enhances his reading ability along with an extensive analysis of the subject. In this way, the more one reads, the more broader one’s perspective will be .

In the beginning stages, one has to read something of one’s interest, as it establishes the habit of reading, and one can enjoy the habit. One should have a framework in one’s mind for reading, understanding and storing information. During listening or reading one should be alert and grab the message quickly.

Generally, people are not much interested towards reading because of various reasons. Those are lack of interest in learning new words, which leads to failure in comprehending sentences.

In order to get rid of this situation, one has to develop interest in learning new words; as every word is associated with a concept and one should realize that learning new words enhances one’s knowledge levels, thereby a broad perspective.

- Dr K Saroja Devi

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