Beyonce Knowles fashion rules

Beyonce Knowles fashion rules

Beyonce Knowles Fashion Rules. Follow Knowles' Fashion And Beauty Rules And Run The World

Los Angeles: Singer Beyonce Knowles has a powerful voice as well as fashion sense. Show skin with confidence, play with colours and wear more jewellery to look as stylish as the star.

Beyonce Knowles Fashion Rules

Follow Knowles' fashion and beauty rules and run the world, reports

Show some skin: With one very short turtleneck Tom Ford dress and a pair of matching thigh-high peep-toes, she made crop-tops and plunging necklines seem like out of fashion.

Go bold with colours:
To be a star, don't play safe with basic black. Mix brights like the combination of an orange-and-creamsicle bustier with a high-waisted lime skirt and colour-block sandals.

Don't underestimate power of red lips:
It is the classic shade, which can be even worn without other make-up products. It elevates the most laid-back ensembles.

Wear more jewellery pieces: She wears so many pieces that you can fill an entire jewellery box. Accessorising works well with a formal look as well as casual.

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