Gandhiji’s dwelling in the city

Gandhiji’s dwelling in the city

Gandhiji’s dwelling in the city. On Gandhi Jayanthi, the day when the father of the nation was born, an official protocol event will be held at the Bapu Ghat, Langar Houz.

On two days of the calendar year, October 2 and January 30, Bapu Ghat comes alive.

On Gandhi Jayanthi, the day when the father of the nation was born, an official protocol event will be held at the Bapu Ghat, Langar Houz. The chief minister, governor and other ministers from the city will visit, pay respect and offer floral tributes to the Gandhi Samadhi followed by an address, advising the students to absorb the spirit of truth, peace and ahimsa, as preached by Gandhiji.

When Gandhi was assassinated some of his ashes were immersed here in Hyderabad at the point of confluence of two rivers, Musi and Eesa. To commemorate it, the Bapu Ghat was built. It was given a face-lift in 2002, in a record 100 days time at a cost of Rs 2.5 crore. It consists of a prayer hall for around 500 people and a library.

The place frequently holds a programme called I am Gandhi for school and college students, on registration basis. It will soon be thrown open to families, corporate employees and others who will be able to book a slot as the authorities would go ahead with the online booking facility for the enthusiasts.

Hundreds of students from various schools across the city attend the programme. The session is for five hours, where in the audience watch movies and documentaries on Gandhi, go through the largest photo wall of Gandhiji with about 400 pictures on it, have lunch and engage in a talk on the father of the nation and see comics from Mexico on Gandhi. Two more interesting things about the museum is that they have copies of Gandhi’s pictures on the famous Times Magazine and 11 panels of iPads on which letters of Gandhi are displayed.

“It was a very good exercise for the children especially on the life of Gandhi from childhood to the time he was shot dead. The programme is presented in an interactive, innovative and attractive way. The children learn to be compassionate, and also the leadership qualities. So basically the programme instills in children, the quality and traits like Gandhiji and give an opportunity for them to lead the nation if they want to”, said Usha Reddy, Principal of Meridian School.

Gandhi’s thoughts are applicable even in the 21st century. Be it in the corporate sector, educational institutions or any other place.

“Even in these days of Rahul Gandhi and the baba wallahs, Mahatma Gandhi in my opinion stands head and shoulders above everyone else. He was a great nationalist, a great mass movement leader and above all single handedly steered India to freedom by adopting a non violent and inclusive approach. His style of mass communication differs vastly from rabble rousing and propaganda unleashed by Congress party walas and today’s politicians”, said K Naresh Kumar, director, Bhavan’s College of Communication and Management.

“He is more relevant today in the changing global political equations pushing the world into greater conflict. There is war on the borders and within the nations in many parts of the world, and the strife and the violence is so much that we need to look at it in a sane way like Gandhi “, said M Bharath Bhushan, executive director, Centre for Action Research and People’s Development(CARPED).

“An eye for an eye makes nation blind. As people and countries go for throats at the slight pretext, peaceful methods need resurrection in professional life.

Also truthfulness is important as corporate companies demand transparency in all dealings”, said Manoj Kumar Jain, Senior Program Manager- Microsoft.

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