Too much sleep harmful for health

Too much sleep harmful for health

Too much sleep harmful for health, Harmful effects of over sleeping, effects of over sleeping. Do you sleep more than 7 hours a night? You should probably read what oversleeping does to your body

Do you sleep more than 7 hours a night? You should probably read what oversleeping does to your body

When it comes to sleep, you just can’t get enough. Experts have always recommended that seven hours of good sleep is essential for better health. But what if you sleep more than that? Although sleep is extremely necessary for relaxing and revitalising the body’s processes, oversleeping can have its own adverse effects on the body.

Harmful effects of oversleeping

Oversleeping is not good for your health because it is associated with a higher risk of number of health problems, especially lifestyle diseases including obesity and diabetes.

Headache: Researchers believe that headaches may result because certain neurotransmitters in the brain get affected due to oversleeping. Read more about easy home remedies to relieve headache.

Diabetes: A study has shown that people who frequently oversleep (for more than nine hours) have a higher risk of developing diabetes than those who get the recommended amount of sleep. Several studies have also found that the tendency to oversleep may be due to an underlying medical problem which further increases the risk of lifestyle diseases.

Obesity: A study by Slater G and colleagues has shown that obesity contributes significantly to daytime sleepiness. People who oversleep and have reduced physical activity or eat unhealthy are 21% more likely than people who sleep for seven to eight hours and follow a healthy lifestyle

Heart Diseases: A study published in the American Academy of Sleep Medicine has linked too much sleep with the risk of chronic diseases including cardiovascular disorders. According to the study, women who slept for about 9 to 11 hours were 38% more likely to develop heart diseases

Back Pain: When you sleep for more number of hours, the pressure on your back increases! That’s why after waking up from a long sleep, your may feel stiffness in your back. Moreover, if you already have a chronic back pain, then your condition may worsen with excessive sleep.

Fatality: Various studies have linked oversleeping with increased risk of dying. A study carried out by scientists at the University of California found that individuals who slept for more than nine hours died at young age.

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