Juices for good health

Juices for good health

Juices for good health. Healthy juices are a great snack to tide you over between meals.

Healthy juices are a great snack to tide you over between meals. All you need is a blender, fresh fruits or vegetables and milk. Juices will not only fill you up but are also healthy. Give your body a much-deserved makeover with these healthy and refreshing juices with amazing benefits from clear skin to healthy detox.

Natural Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie
• 100ml ice
• 200ml skimmed yogurt
• 1 tbs natural preservative-free peanut butter
• 1 chopped (ripe) banana
• 1 tsp honey
Blend all ingredients together, and add a little milk (if needed) to get a thin drinking consistency for this natural peanut butter and banana smoothie.
Cabbage, Cucumber, Grapejuice
• 1/2 head purple cabbage
• 2 large cucumbers
• 2 handfuls purple grapes
• Wash all the ingredients thoroughly.
• Juice the cabbage, cucumbers and grapes in a juicer and drink immediately.
Watermelon Smoothie
• 1 ½ cup roughly chopped watermelon
• 1 ½ musk melon (if you have some. Or you could add some more watermelon)
• Juice of 2 lemons
• 1 cup skimmed yogurt
• Some ice cubes
Add all ingredients to a blender and blend into a smooth consistency.
Beetroot and Carrot Juice
If you love juices then introduce yourself with a nutrient-abundant beetroot-carrot juice. This juice provides health benefits from head to toe, especially for good vision. Try this juicy recipe to colour your diet with fibre, minerals and carotenoids.
• 1 beetroot
• 1/2 kg carrots
• 1/2 piece of ginger (adrak)
• 2 tbsp (chopped) mint leaves (phudina)
• Black salt (sanchal) to taste
• 1 tbsp lemon juice
1. Blend all the ingredients in a mixer with some water except black salt and lemon juice.
2. Strain the liquid.
3. Pour in a glass add black salt, lemon juice and ice cubes.
4. Garnish with mint leaves.
Super Sinus Juice
• 1 large orange or minola, peeled
• 1/2 lemon, de-seeded and peeled
• 1 medium sweet or tart apple, chopped
• 1 Tbsp fresh ginger, skin removed
• Cayenne spice
Wash all your ingredients. Peel your orange and 1/2 lemon - and remove the lemon seeds. Orange seeds are OK, since they aren't as bitter. Chop your apple into chunks that will fit in your juicer. You can juice the entire apple - core and all. Chop ginger into small chunks. Before you start juicing, be aware that there are two procedures for this juice. You can use just your electric juicer. Or you can use both an electric juicer and a citrus juicer: Add the citrus directly to your juicer and juice it pulp/skin and all. This will result in a 'thicker' juice since some of the pulp/skin juice will be extracted and is a bit thicker than pure citrus juice. Juice the citrus in a citrus juicer/squeezer separately and add it to the apple/ginger juice. This will result in a thinner, less pulpy juice. Your choice. Start juicing all your ingredients. Stir gently to swirl the flavors. Pour into serving glasses and top with cayenne. One tiny pinch to a few bold dashes will work. You can always add more later.
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