Face is the index of the mind is a very popular adage At the same time appearances are deceptive too says another popular saying First impression is the best impression says a third statement As human beings we display our personality in more ways than one

‘Face is the index of the mind’ is a very popular adage. At the same time ‘appearances are deceptive’ too says another popular saying. ‘First impression is the best impression’ says a third statement. As human beings we display our personality in more ways than one. It could be our gestures, our smile, our handshake, our eyebrows, the quirk of our ears, our dress and so on.

Everything we do reflects our personality. Personality is the sum total of all our character and behaviour at any given time. This article tries to throw light on another aspect of understanding one’s personality - by the way we keep our desks or our work space or the kitchen island or the cupboards. Surprising that the way I arrange my clothes in the cupboard reflects my personality. Interesting! Let’s find more about this and the types of people we encounter in our lives.

The creative one

How to identify a creative desk:

Filled with notes, documents, pens and pencils thrown around, a creative person’s desk is a messy one. Schedules written all over, books on each other, too many different tasks piled one on each other …this may seem to be common place with a Creative desk person. You might find your old lost stapler if you rummage through this desk or find the lost note book you have been searching throughout the week. The almanac definitely would be in the pile so also paint brush in a book as a book mark. His submissions are all on time yet his desk doesn’t reflect that work is being done at all.

What does a Creative desk mean?

The creative desk owner is definitely a creative guy. He enjoys multi-tasking, knows every inch and item on his desk and uses them all, but at different times. The other friends might drop at his desk when they need a creative idea as this man is as imaginative as his desk is. At the same time you can count on this desk person for any stationery item you want as he is a going to put his hand inside the rubble of things on his desk and yet get you what you want. You would also find that his desk would be surrounded by people who are attracted to the imaginative and creative mind that he has.

The organiser

How to spot it:

Just opposite to the Creative fellow is the Organiserdeskie. His desk is the neatest, cleanest and the most organised one in school. He would not appreciate that you place a cup of coffee on his table or place your hands on it while you talk. His mind would be in turmoil if and when his things are misplaced from the strategic locations on his desk. So watch out for this guy as his desk and the surgeon’s table are both the same.

What it means:

Organisers are usually people with high analytical and logical skills. He would also not break any rules and would be more a stickler for perfection. Maybe a good player of chess if he tries! You might reach out to him for his fantastic organisational skills and his methods of perfection. He is also highly sensitive to his belongings and would not like any one touching them without permission (in most cases permission will not be given).

So if you’re thinking about borrowing that pen without asking, it’s always safer to go with a solid “life & death”argument with the deskie. However his brilliant mind is often the one sought after in any work place as he would give you solutions to problems at any time.

The post-it addict

How to spot it:

You can spot this deskie with an avalanche of notes and papers on the board. Don’t confuse him with the creative person. The post it guy is a much organised guy and would keep a track of all his schedules and meetings. The best person to reach out if you need information about timings, alerts and notices. He would even have information about the minutes of a meeting which took place two years ago and also remember where he had placed the post it on the board. Just be careful that you don’t take too much of his help as he would bring the yellow post its and stick them on your tables too.

What it means:

A person with an astute power of remembrance can remember long written notes and can give information at any time. Very well organised and systematic in his work and completion. He would be the first to complete tasks and follow deadlines to the T. Very helpful with completion of tasks this deskie also makes a good friend with many who depend on him and his post its. A very good team player and a good partner to work with.

The food-collector

How to spot it:

Something sweet smells and you know which table is this emanating from. The desk of the Food collector. Here is a person who can work only if he is eating or munching. The most complex problems are solved by him with the crackle of a biscuit. His desk might see the left over’s of a half -eaten sandwich or constant cups of coffee from the vending machine. A person on the move it is also difficult to pin this person to one place. May be the energy comes from eating smaller and smaller bits all the time. When you are hungry next time reach out to this deskie as he would have in the cabinet a week’s supplies of food of all kinds though.

What it means:

A warm, friendly and affectionate guy. He is ever body’s friend. His work style is something to envy as without sitting too long at his desk he still completes all the tasks on time. What is good about are the sweet smells that would percolate to your nostrils from his desk every time you passing by. Also a friend in need when you are hungry. A person who is perpetually in good moods as he often never skips a meal and his sugar levels are always right. Imagine your boss to be a food collector. What easy ways to please him.


What make life sweeter are these people of myriad shapes and traits whom we encounter daily. As the popular saying goes’Variety is the spice of life’..its because of these diversities that life is colourful, merry and cheerful. If all of us are the same life becomes very boring. So from my desk it’s to say enjoy the differences.

BY Padma Jyothi Turaga

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