Sharing A pre requisite to healing the universe

Sharing A pre requisite to healing the universe

Sharing A pre requisite to healing the universe. We all are taught to share since our childhood, whether it is food with our family, toys with our friends, happiness with our dear ones, sorrows with our near ones, clothes with our siblings, etc.

Do you share?

We all are taught to share since our childhood, whether it is food with our family, toys with our friends, happiness with our dear ones, sorrows with our near ones, clothes with our siblings, etc. The idea behind sharing is to share our dearest things and have a feeling of being one with others and thank the universe for all that has been given to us. We were always shown new ways for sharing while we are children. We were even taught to share beyond our families and friends.

How much do you share?

All that we learn to share till we grow up pertains to sharing of all the things except money. This works perfectly till the time we have not started to earn. But after we start earning, we are never taught to share our income which actually becomes our ‘Prime love’ in life; which becomes the most valuable thing for us. We are not taught to share our income in the first place and secondly we also don’t feel like learning this skill as it is inconvenient to us; so we actually don’t pay much attention to this wonderful principle. We are ready to share all other things but not our hard earned Money or Income. But it’s necessary to know the logic behind this vital principle of ‘Sharing’.

How much is enough to share?

General belief system is, money is earned by us and hard work has been put in and every one should earn on their own then why shall I share what is earned by me. The best way to thank the universal energy for providing those traits, capabilities, physical harmony to us along with performances by us, is to share our earned income with Universe; that means sharing our income with others living in this universe. For us to function in harmony in order to earn, we require our ten senses to work in harmony. If there is a little bit of in-harmony in our bodies and senses, we cannot produce anything out of our own selves. Hence a minimum of one tenth of our income should be shared by us with Universe.

Why is sharing so important?

Sharing of our income replicates our gratitude to the Divine for all that has been offered to us. It may be ideally given to the source to which a person believes in and trusts. We generally apply our logical thinking and even while sharing, we think about right use of the money given by us. We should leave that to the universe and almighty to do and shall not spend our energy on deciding that. This will help the person to share without expecting anything in return; the idea is to show gratitude and not to intrude in the process of knowing how universe uses its sources to distribute. Universe has better and accurate ways to fulfill the needs of all of us. Universe is believed to work invisibly but it fulfills the varied and customized needs of every person.

How to share?

In all religions sharing is a very important way to be connected to the Universal Energy or Divine. In Islam they have ‘Zakat’, in Christianity they have ‘Charity’, in Sikhs they have ‘Dasbandh’ and likewise in every religion they have been taught to share a part of income as a way to repay back for everything that they have received from this universe including the air, water, fire, land, trees, etc. By sharing we actually show our gratitude for all the natural treasures that we are allowed to use, in addition to enhancing natural healing abilities of the body.

How are sharing and healing related?

In this process of sharing what actually happens is that while we take care of the needs of others and make good the deficiencies of others, the universe supports and makes good our deficiencies and needs, whether it is financial, body, mind and spirit (including the healing needs of the mind and body being of prime importance). It is ideal to share the income before its consumption, as and when it is received, to change the status of the remaining income also to ‘God Gift’ (Prasadam). This will ensure to purify the needs of spending of the balance income and help it to be used in a better way.

With an intention of making this Universe and the divine your partner of health vitality, let’s make sharing a blissful mode of gratitude for everything which is provided to us even without asking for. Let’s make our healing effortless by making the Divine Energy our partner of health and peace. Lets balance this universe by sharing so that the universe showers all what we need in our lives as ever and keep reminding our own selves always –

‘Whatever we are grateful for grows more!’

Happy Health to all of you!!

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