Music and the city
Weekends are for merry-making. Head to a pub, order mugs of beer, rounds of whiskey or maybe even, shots of tequila. Pair it with dinner-a plate of saucy pasta, a medium-rare steak. Dim lights combined with an electrifying atmosphere with live performance from a band… Ah! Now, that’s a dream

The night was all about head bangs, music and fun at the Metal Mania at Hard Rock Café ft. Dirge and Nicotine. The Dirge is a doom metal band hailing from Pune and is strongly influenced by the likes of stoner sludge genre. Five youngsters Tabish Khidir (vocalist), Ashish Dharkar (guitarist), Varun Patil (lead guitarist), Harshad Bhagwat (bass) and Prathamesh Lele (drummer) took the night to a musical high with their gig.

Meanwhile Nicotine, the heavy metal band from Indore had Digvijay Bhonsale (lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist), Shaleen Vyas (drummer), Anniruddha Gokhale (lead guitarist) and Anuj Malkapurkar (bass) swayed the audience with their own compositions. The audience rocked to numbers like “Evoking the demigod”, “Oblivion”, “Odium” and “Rein of fire”.

Speaking about their new material, Tabish Khidir says, “The best place to hear that is at our gigs. For Thunderstorm, we'll play one of our latest songs “Malinche”, which is a lot darker and gloomier than all our previous material. We're also planning on going for an all-analogue setup for this one. So we'll be experimenting and working a lot on our tones.” Nicotine has steadily built momentum by playing around in colleges and competitions within the city, as well as outside in cities like Chandigarh, Bhopal, Nagpur, Jaipur and Pune.