The English translation of famous Telugu book ‘Navagraha Purana’ was launched on Friday\
The English translation of famous Telugu book ‘Navagraha Purana’ was launched on Friday\

Author VS Rao, popularly known as Vakkantham Suryanarayana Rao,  father of actor and dialogue writer Vamsi of ‘Race Gurram’ fame along with Sandhya Iyer, MD of Jaico publishing, Preetha Kannan, writer and editor launched ‘Tales of The Nine Planets’ - the English translation of ‘Navagraha Purana’.

‘Navagraha Purana’ is about birth, glory and life of nine planets. It explains about parents of Navagraha and their lives and histories of epical characters. “This subject has not come in any other language. No one has done research on this and that’s why I thought of working on this subject. 

I studied many epics and Granthas and it took almost nine years in research. I had explained everything about Navagraha, who their parents were, who they got married to and who their children were. It is very authentic information based on mythology,” shared Rao.

Dipthi, literary agent, said, “I read the author profile. He is the man who has written 88 books in his career. Most authors write on one specific genre, and he has written different genres such as crime, thriller, action, drama. I went through the book and it was written after detailed research of puranas.”

Kannan, editor of the book said, “Working with VS Rao on ‘Navagraha Purana’ has been ultimate learning experience. 

He has read the original Sanskrit Puranas, in Telugu and in Hindi, and that kind of research totally amazed me. He is a total perfectionist.”Hollywood screen writer Pamela Perry is writing the screen version of the book in English.