Pakistan leaders never honest with India

Pakistan leaders never honest with India

Your editorial True face of Pakistan THI, Sept 25 made a thorough exposure of the hypocrisy, diplomatic duplicity and sinister machinations of...

Your editorial ‘True face of Pakistan (THI, Sept 25) made a thorough exposure of the hypocrisy, diplomatic duplicity and sinister machinations of Pakistan, unmasking its diplomatic façade and revealing its true colours. It is, in fact, the same old Machiavellian face that Pakistan has been shamelessly and unscrupulously displaying towards India in its diplomatic dealings and relationship.

Whoever is the Prime Minister and whichever political party in power in Pakistan, it is only the military that runs the whole administration there. Under the diktat of military bosses, the age-long hostile, aggressive, diplomatic policy of Pakistan towards India remains unchanged with its Prime Minister and ruling party being the puppets in the hands of its military. Though they claim that theirs is democracy and people’s government, Pakistan leaders have never been honest and committed to peaceful resolution of the issues, simply because they have no faith in peace and they believe only in the cult of violence and the policy of aggression.

But, true to its glorious culture and civilization, India, with its unshakable faith in the efficacy of peaceful dialogue has extended its hand of cooperation and offered innumerable opportunities to Pakistan for the resolution of all issues through peaceful talks and mutual cooperation. But failing every time to utilize the opportunities, Pakistan showed its evil designs, resorting to cross-border terrorism and slaying of Indian soldiers without any provocation from Indian side.

As Pakistan could hardly withstand the valour and might of Indian army in its previous wars with India, and its persistent efforts to internationalise the issue of Kashmir in world organisations like UNO yielded no expected results, Pakistan resorted to harbouring terrorists, perpetuating cross-border terrorism and glorifying dreaded terrorist organisation like Hizbul Mujahiddin. Ever on the look-out for new evil designs and satanic deeds, now Pakistan has proposed to open Kurtapur Sahib Gurudwara to Indians to exploit the religious sentiments of Indians and breed religious animosity among Indians.

Pakistan leaders must know that Indian Sikhs are not gullible to get trapped into their nefarious plans. What Pakistan leaders should realise is that we are all Indians with unbreakable unity in our varied diversity, transcending all the barriers of region, community, creed and religion. Pakistan will never succeed in its monstrous designs against India. It’s time that Pakistan leaders should realise the importance of peaceful dialogue, halt its border-terrorism and respond sincerely to the well-intentioned diplomatic opportunities offered by India for peaceful resolution of all the issues in an environment of mutual cooperation.

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