Seniors can beat stress too!

Seniors can beat stress too!

Tips for seniors to beat stress. It is not just the young adults and children who fall prey to stress. Even retired seniors feel stress.

It is not just the young adults and children who fall prey to stress. Even retired seniors feel stress. For the elderly, the loss of a spouse or old friends can be common cause of stress. So, stress has the potential to be especially overwhelming for them.

Also, living alone can increase the sense of isolation. Sometimes the simple tasks of everyday life can cause stress in those who experience physical or medical limitations. The effects of stress can sometimes aggravate health problems which is another cause of worry.

Stress can present itself in various ways. Here are five of the most common ways to detect if a loved one’s stress is cause for concern:

Changes in eating patterns like loss of appetite and binging on comfort food.

Increased irritability, general sadness or depression. This can manifest in lack of judgement like spending too much when on a limited budget.

Lack of concentration and forgetfulness. Forgetfulness must not be ignored - consult a doctor soon to rule out Alzheimer's.

Physical signs of stress can include body aches and pains or increased episodes of illness. Changes in sleeping patterns such as trouble falling asleep or interrupted night time sleep can indicate stress.

Seniors experiencing overwhelming stress often isolate themselves from others, refusing to socialize or participate in activities they used to enjoy.

With help, seniors can combat stress and its negative effects. It’s a good idea to spend time talking to seniors and helping them unburden themselves. Help them plan ways suited to their lifestyles that are not only fun but that can minimize the pressures stress can cause. This creates a comfort zone for them.

Activities such as yoga, walking and other physical exercises designed for seniors are great tension relievers.

Some seniors are unable to participate in physical activities, so joining a non-physical group activity, such as a bridge club or volunteering, offers socialization and a chance to clear the mind of daily tensions.

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