13 Ways to Save Passion in Relationships

13 Ways to Save Passion in Relationships

We never know what to expect from serious relationships, but we always hope that everything will be fine. But will it?

We never know what to expect from serious relationships, but we always hope that everything will be fine. But will it? Practice shows that almost all couples, who have been married for more than two or three years, face crises and problems in relationships that kill feelings. But still, if you truly love your soul mate, you can light a sparkle of passion once again.

Romancecompass offers you 13 most effective tips that will help you save romance and passion in your relationships.

  1. Kisses for the night:
    Never underestimate such a small thing as a kiss for the night or before going to work. This is a part of the ritual that makes couples closer.
  2. Responsibilities: When marrying, you should understand that this is not a game, but a serious responsibility to both of you for life. Otherwise, you may just get disappointed or bored with family life and marriage. You have to be prepared for the fact that in marriage, there’s much more routine than anniversaries and holidays.
  3. Don’t forget about gifts: Make each other small and sweet presents. Unexpected gifts, the meaning of which only two of you can understand, are the best ones.
  4. Say that you love each other: This is the strongest and most beautiful word that you can tell your soul mate. This is not just a phrase; it's a magical spell, which strengthens your relationship each time you say it.
  5. Keep family problems to yourself: Never start arguing with each other in public. Don’t make jokes of your loved one and never shout at her. For others, you need to be an example of true love and happiness. This is a strong armor for your relationship.
  6. Mutual assistance: Help each other with house chores, taking care of kids, or even with a piece of advice at work. This will lead to mutual understanding.
  7. Answer each call: If your spouse calls you, writes a text message, or talks to you, while you’re watching TV or reading a book, answer her. If you’re so busy that you have absolutely no free time, find a couple of seconds to let your partner know that you can’t answer right now, but you’ll do it later.
  8. Thank each other: How about saying a simple "Thank you" for the advice or after dinner and put all your love and affection in these words to say it so that this phrase became the best gift for your spouse?
  9. Be patient: If something bad happened because one of you, there’s no need in getting mad. In the end, there is nothing more important than your feelings. Together you can find a way to solve the problem, and separately you will only make things worse with a conflict.
  10. Respect each other's time: Have plans for the evening? A sudden business trip or a meeting with friends? Be sure to tell about your plans in advance. This way you’ll avoid the anger of your spouse, who had to spend all evening alone.
  11. Touch each other: Hold hands if you like it, put your head on your wife's shoulder, hug, kiss. The more you touch each other, the stronger the contact between you.
  12. Pay attention to each other: If you have dinner or drink coffee in a café with your wife, watch a movie, or just walk around the city, look at her, pay attention to her. It’s not the best time for calling your friends and colleagues or staring at every woman passing by, showcases, or passing cars.
  13. Always choose love: Parents, children, friends, interesting books, films or work. All this is temporary. All these aspects of your life come and go, and sooner or later you’ll have to stay one on one with your spouse, and it’s up to you, whether the time you spend together will be pleasant or not.

Frankly speaking, just looking at these simple tips makes us a bit sad. People skip 90% of all these words written above and then start looking for a psychologist to save their marriage. But everything is so simple.

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