Hasty move by NDA govt
Hasty move by NDA govt

The Centre’s decision in passing the citizenship amendment bill in a hurried manner has not only left the NE region in unrest, it has sparked difference in the coalition government of Assam and resulting in resignation of AGP ministers from the cabinet, the saffron party image slightly dented with this bill, whilst they were spreading their wings across the region. 

The fear of NE region people is justifiable one, giving citizen ship to immigrants may have the demographic effects in the state and may leads to the decline in their preserved indigenous culture and language of the state. 

The Govt also to consider the country’s population growth and uncertain economic stabilisation, before giving citizenship to the illegal migrants that too in accordance with the religious portrayal, which may have its own course of adverse effects amidst the aboriginal citizens of the country. 

Further passing the bill at this juncture may futile the rigorous effort put in by the government in conducting the (NRC) national register of citizens. The Govt has to review and reconsider the amendment by giving due diligence before finalisation.   (Citizenship Amendment Bill, THI 10 Jan) - A Balamurugan, Nellore

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