NRI boy in Birmingham has Einstein's brains

NRI boy in Birmingham has Einstein

NRI Boy in Birmingham Has Einstein's Brains, Birmingham Mai, A 13-year-old Indian-origin schoolboy, whose brain is said to rival that of Albert...

A 13-year-old Indian-origin schoolboy, whose brain is said to rival that of Albert Einstein and Bill Gates, has been classified among the top one per cent of Britain's brightest after he scored 160 points in an IQ test.
Niraj Kumar from Birmingham was to be welcomed into the high IQ society Mensa. According to Mensa, those topping 140 are considered to be geniuses as an average adult's score is 100.
"I was really happy when I found out I had been accepted. It is a great honour," Kumar told 'Birmingham Mail'.
"I enjoy school and my favourite lesson is maths. I want to go to Oxford University but I haven't decided what to study yet. There are so many options," he said.
His father Sandeep and mother Sejal Kumar, who run the Lichfield Road News shop in the city, described their son as "special".
"He has always been very bright since he was very young. I always thought he was special but I didn't know just how much. He had two IQ tests and they said it put him on a par with Albert Einstein and Bill Gates," said his mother.
The Year 9 pupil of King Edward VI School in the Edgbaston area of Birmingham also enjoys playing chess. He has entered countless tournaments as a member of the English Chess Federation and even received a certificate of excellence at Gold Level for his performance.
"I can confirm Niraj Kumar scored 160 on the Cattell III B IQ test, which makes him eligible to join Mensa," a spokesperson for Mensa said.
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