New mom require 4 months to be a good mommy

New mom require 4 months to be a good mommy

New Mom Require 4 Months To Be A Good Mommy

From nappy changing to late nights, new mothers require about four months and 23 days to get used to the revolution in their lifestyle, researchers have revealed.

After close to five months, the new mothers bounce back as they have a daily routine nailed down, having found the confidence to be able to deal with every eventuality their baby throws at them.

By that time, the mothers learn what their child's different cries mean, learn to deal with their baby in public, are forever armed with snacks and spare clothes and no longer break down in tears of exhaustion or sheer frustration.
The study, commissioned by baby brand Munchkin, found key markers like the baby sleeping all through the night or not panicking when their child had a temperature, were crucial in a mother feeling things.

"Becoming a mum for the first time leads to a flurry of mixed emotions and it can naturally be completely overwhelming," the Daily Mail quoted Claire Rayner, spokeswoman for Munchkin, as saying.

"It's one of the best things that can happen to someone but it can understandably be very scary too. What the results show is that, no matter how daunting motherhood can seem, mums have incredible resources to get through the early days and feel like they have things under control.

"It's a massive change and the flood of self-doubt or worry as to how they'll cope is perfectly natural - but the fact they care so much only proves what good mums they eventually will develop into," she added.

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