Gorakhnath, A Siddha is a person who can control the forces of nature.He can work miracles. For instance, he can fly in the air, walk on water, make gold out of mud and such other things.

GorakhnathA Siddha is a person who can control the forces of nature.He can work miracles. For instance, he can fly in the air, walk on water, make gold out of mud and such other things. He knows the past, present and future. He does it all by exercising his yogic powers. One acquires these powers by long practice of the discipline of yoga.

One who practises Yoga is called a Yogi. Matsyendranath was such a Siddha or Yogi. Even today he is worshipped in Nepal as God Himself. God Siva taught Matsyendranath the secrets of Yoga. Matsyendranath used to beg for a little food at some house or the other. He ate whatever he got. At other times he went into lonely forests and practised Yoga.

One day, as usual, he went to a house and asked for alms. The lady of the house came out. Seeing that he was a Yogi, the woman said: “Holy Sir, will I have a child at all?” Matsyendranath gave her a little sacred ash and said: “O Lady, please swallow this. You will be blessed with a child.”

The lady told her neighbour. The neighbour said: “Do not believe these Yogis. Some of them are cheats!” So the lady of the house threw the sacred ash away on a rubbish heap at the back of her house, and forgot all about it. After 12 years, Matsyendranath called at the same house.

He asked the lady: “How is your child doing?” The lady told him what had happened. Matsyendranath asked her: “Where did you throw the ash?”

She pointed: “Here, on the rubbish heap.” Matsyendranath went to where the rubbish was and prayed for a while.

Then he called: “Son, come here!” From out of the heap came a boy of twelve years. Seeing him, the lady fell at the feet of the Yogi and begged for forgiveness.

Matsyendranath took the boy away with him. This boy was Gorakhnath. ‘Go’ in Sanskrit means earth. ‘Rakh’ means to protect. Since the earth protected the boy, he was called Gorakhnath. Gorakhnath became Matsyendranath’s disciple.

One day the Guru and the Sishya or disciple went to a house to beg for alms. There was a feast in that house at the time. So the lady of the house gave them excellent food. The next day Matsyendranath told Gorakhnath: “Son, go to the same house, and ask for the same kind of food. I liked the dishes.”

Accordingly Gorakhnath went and asked. But the lady said: “Yesterday we had a feast. So I gave you delicious food. How can I prepare that kind of food every day?”

Gorakhnath said: “Mother, my Guru wants it. It is my duty to get it somehow.” The woman said: “If your Guru asks for your eyes, will you pluck them out and give them to him?”

The boy replied without hesitation: “Yes, I will.” The lady said: "Then for a test, give me your eye-balls, and I will give you the same nice dishes? The boy at once started to pull out his eye-balls. The lady cried: “Stop! I shall give you those dishes.” And she prepared them and gave. Gorakhnath brought them to his Guru. The Guru saw his reddened eyes. He asked: “Son, what is the matter with your eyes?” Goraknath told him about the woman’s challenge.

Then Matsyendranath said: “I wanted to find out how strong is your devotion to me. Now I am satisfied.” He taught Gorakhnath all the secrets of Yoga.Gorakhnath also became a great Siddha. The name of Gorakhnath is very sacred in Nepal. There are many ashramas in Nepal built in his memory. They teach Yoga practices there. Those who practise these teachings are called Nath Yogis. Gorakhnath has written many books. When you want to learn about Yoga, you will perhaps read them.

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