Make Your Man Feel Special
Make Your Man Feel Special

In the busy day to day life, we don’t find time to spend with each other which is resulting in monotonous relationships. There is no excitement in life. We sit in the same room but still feel left out. So here I have a few tips for you guys to make your man feel special and attract him towards yourself. 

Keep your phone away

Your phone will definitely grab your attention so better keep away. Don’t reply to any emails, messages, calls or text. Give each other undivided attention; look into his eyes and talk. Make him feel that you are engrossed with him. Hold each other hands while talking. 

Hug him 

According to science hug releases oxytocin in your brain which will help you both stay connected and life your good mood. Instead of just giving a quick peck hold each other for a while. 

Cook his favourite dish 

it’s a fact that way to man’s heart is through his stomach. Cook his favourite food and ensure that you eat together. He will realise your efforts and appreciate you. 

Thank him

Express gratitude for small things, it will encourage him to do more and also improve his attitude. Don’t take things for granted thinking that it was his duty or responsibility. This will keep him happy.

Make your presence feel

Always be around him, talk to him, hug him and share your day. Even if it is about your household chores, your baby tantrums. Always stay connected. Spend time together; there is no substitute for this. He should miss you when you are not around. 


Tell him the three magical words 

It’s obvious that you love your man and you need not make an announcement about it. But believe me, these three words are really magical, “I love you”. Say as often as you can. Like after you wake up, before going out or before you go to bed, it will help your bond to be stronger. 

Appreciate him

Compliment him about his hairstyle, shirt or something else. Hug him and tell that he smelling good. It will lift his mood and make him feel special. Remind yourself and him that he was your choice for marriage, in the first place. 

Look good 

Be neat and presentable. Wear what he likes. The dress, the shoes, the hairstyle everything he likes. Even if you have been married for many years, this shows that you still think about how he feels. 

Buy things for him 

It can be a very small gift, buy something for him when you go shopping.  This will make him feel that he is always in your mind. Next time you ask for shopping, he should jump out with happiness! ðŸ˜ƒ

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