Is Honesty, Really The Best Policy?
Is Honesty, Really The Best Policy?

Since our childhood we are taught about, “Honesty is the best policy”. Does it really work in real life?

 In day to day life, we are reluctant, to tell the truth, to avoid conflicts and embarrassment. According to research conducted by the University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business, people can be more honest than they actually think of. 

People avoid being honest thinking about the cost they have to pay after they tell the truth. Can we share our secrets or give critical feedback to others? Will we be able to face each other in future? There are several questions that haunt us. 

Actually speaking most of the times these fears are misguided. Honest discussions are more enjoyable. There is less negativity expected between the speaker and the listener. 

A relationship thrives on honesty. But how far? Honesty depends on the situation and the fact you are dealing with. Both the partners need to be understanding and cooperative with each other.

Honesty might taste bitter at that specific time but may help in long run. If the partners are not sensible enough towards each other, then the honesty may cost the relationship. 

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