White is not always pure

White is not always pure

A new year is a good time to come up with a few healthy goals. While many resolutions often include mantras such as eating healthier foods, losing...

This year, kick your carbohydrate habit by eliminating white pasta, bread, and rice from your diet

A new year is a good time to come up with a few healthy goals. While many resolutions often include mantras such as eating healthier foods, losing weight, you can also use 2016 as a way to eliminate unhealthy habits from your lifestyle. The easiest way is to cut common foods that are bad for you from your diet.
Bread / white flour / white sugar:
All white flour products are highly processed and have no nutrients they are just empty calories. While white bread is still a widely popular option, people are converting to brown bread. What’s even better is the heavier, authentic whole wheat (or whole grain) bread. Two slices of breads (or maybe a maximum or three) should be the grain quantity per meal for most.
This western habit is infiltrating our palates more and more. Mayonnaise contains almost no nutrients. Processed mayo contains both, salt and sugar – both of which are bad for health in excess. It is also extremely high in calories so mayo is completely avoidable.
Processed cheese:
For some, a sandwich is incomplete without cheese! The typical processed cheese we bring home does not add much to your sandwich, unless you’re talking about calories.
Processed butter:
Much like cheese, butter is a must for most in their sandwiches. Butter too, does not do much for your health profile. However, one can dab a bit of extra virgin olive oil on their sandwich if the slight fat is absolutely required.
White rice:
White rice is a high glycemic index food, which means it is rapidly broken down into sugar. Eating white rice spikes glucose. It is starch and does not provide complete nutrition. It lacks fiber which does not keep you full for a longer period of time.
Table salt:
This increases blood pressure causing imbalances in the body such as diabetes, kidney problems, obesity. The preservatives in table salt lead to swelling and bloating in the body.
A lot of margarines contain trans fat this increases blood cholesterol levels an increases the risk of heart diseases. The harder the margarine the more trans fat it is commonly used in baking products.
Stay away from the consumption of this fat. It’s also known as hydrogenated oil or trans fat. It increases the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and breast cancer. It was heavily promoted as vanaspati ghee in India. It is present in cookies, biscuits and a lot of processed food product.

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