Prashanth Reddy, Hyderabad-based US returned engineer started  ‘Anvayaa’to help aging parents who live by themselves in the city

Prashanth Reddy,
Prashanth Reddy,

This is the generation where every graduate wants to settle down in countries like the USA, Australia, Canada, et al to fulfil their dollar dreams. Globalisation has given them a wide range of opportunities to study and settle anywhere in the world.

However, the problem is that the parents of these students hesitate to leave hometowns due to their attachment and love towards their home. In the process, most of the students leave their parents in India and are in touch via phones and video calls.  

To overcome this problem, Prashanth Reddy started ‘Anvayaa’ in 2016, which offers various services for parents, who were left alone by their children due to jobs and education. Through ‘Anvayaa’, Prashanth and his team provide services like taking elders to hospitals, tours, and travels, celebrating birthdays, taking them to functions, helping them in every work that they feel tough.

Speaking with The Hans India, Prashanth Reddy, founder of ‘Anvayaa’ shared his journey.“I left my job and came back from the USA in 2006 to take care of my parents. Later, many of my friends and relatives asked me to present gifts to their parents on their behalf. 

Many times, they also asked me to admit their parents in the hospitals and I did that. And, this became a regular affair for me. I know the importance of parental caring and started Anvayaa to help the parents who are alone,” said Prashanth Reddy, founder of ‘Anvayaa’.

 “Our mission is to help people who feel worried, stressed, sad, and fearful that they cannot look after their parents due to the physical distance. Anvayaa aims to be the support system for all ageing parents who live by themselves. 

We assist the elderly in health, emergency, and daily care. The organisation provides physical and emotional care for senior citizens and work towards engaging them in social gatherings,” Prashanth added.

Anvayaa provides three-types of care plans like basic, comprehensive, and optimal cares. Basic and comprehensive cares cover most of the services whereas optimal covers everything. One-year fee for optimal service for a couple is $1000.

“Old age can be a challenging time for many. Your parents need someone by their side to manage everyday mundane tasks such as paying bills, taking medication on time, visiting the doctor or even household chores. 

Imagine if someone was there to fill that void and take care of all your parent’s needs. We designed the solutions at Anvayaa keeping in mind the practical problems that the elderly face every day and we are determined to create a loving, wholesome and caring environment for the elderly,” Prashanth shared.

Anvayaa also has an app and through this, one can see the photos, videos and many updates regarding their parent’s care. Prashanth informs that they received a great response till now and are planning to expand their services all over India in near 


Health Care Assistance: In this service, parents  are taken to hospitals for regular checkups, home care, pharmacy delivery and other services related to health taken care of.

Daily Assistance: Here they take care of regular needs like cooking, electric repairs, travel, and transportation, etc.

Socialisation and Celebrations:  One Care Manager takes them to marriages, functions, temples, shopping and birthday parties, etc.

Payment Management Service: Here the Anvayaa opens a payment management account and spends their money according to their needs. They give full details of where they spent the money. 

Emergency Care Assistance: Home security like security cameras, etc, is provided. And also, doctors visit homes of these elderly on a regular basis.