Searching for peace of mind

Searching for peace of mind

Lifestyle diseases are not just caused by wrong nutrition but also stress. The stress may be caused by external circumstances, which we cannot change,...

Lifestyle diseases are not just caused by wrong nutrition but also stress. The stress may be caused by external circumstances, which we cannot change, but what we can change is the response. And this changes the whole situation.

One of the biggest causes of stress is not being in touch with our life’s purpose. We all have a very special purpose on this planet. Because of ‘social pressures’, we tend to live in a way that’s socially acceptable whether it satisfies us or not.

We go to regular schools, take on jobs, get married, have children, support them, look after our parents and attend social functions. Life keeps us so busy that there is no time to think.

But this unfulfilled need expresses as unhappiness, depression, not knowing what one wants, lack of confidence, fear, sleeplessness and a myriad other ways including physical disease.

It rests on each of us to take time off to think about what we really like to do: what motivates us. We may understand this perhaps by reading different books or joining a class or a retreat or even by travelling alone – something that brings us in touch with ourselves, rather than the demands of society.

Think about what you would like to be remembered for long after you are gone. There are different ways to get in touch with your life’s purpose.

For some it could be music, dance, an invention or discovery, studying, helping others, healing, working for the animals, reading to the blind, adopting children or something else. When you find it, nothing else matters, and stress begins to melt away.

To find ones life purpose may take long but the journey is as important as the destination. Each step signifies personal growth!

You know that you are living your life’s purpose when…

You are full of energy
You get up in the morning and you want to jump into the day!

You are clear about exactly what you want

Nothing anyone says or does matters, because you are sure.

You are grateful
For all life’s lessons that moulded your actions to point you on your path.

You are relaxed
You are no longer looking for something, you are living it.

You have no time for trivials
What the rest of the world is doing matters less because you are happy. You do not need their approval, because you are confident.

You sleep well
Your mind and body are connected. There is no gap between what your conscience says and what you are doing.
You feel well

All those nagging symptoms are no longer noticed. You have let go of the past because the present is too important.

Your walk has a bounce
To you, each day is a celebration and it shows. You know that you are living your purpose. There is nothing to look for because you already have everything you need.

9. Holidays, shopping, entertainment, restaurants, festivals, crackers, etc don’t attract you as much
There is nothing outside that you are searching for. All that you need is within you.

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