Residents of Ahmed Nagar stay in stink
Residents of Ahmed Nagar stay in stink

Ahmed Nagar: More than one lakh people residing in Ahmed Nagar near Masab Tank are facing a tough time as they are staying in a stink for more than a year as the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) workers are not collecting garbage regularly and do not have sufficient garbage trolleys. Despite repeated representation to the GHMC, residents do not find any solution to their problems.

Though there are one lakh residents in Ahmed Nagar, there are only four trolleys and five rickshaws to collect the garbage. The residents and corporator of Ahmed Nagar alleged that though there are representation given to GHMC, but it is yet to fall in p lace.

As the GHMC is not collecting garbage regularly, residents are throwing garbage in the nearby nala, thereby resulting in the choking of nala. Due to the dumped garbage in the nala, there is stinky atmosphere in the surroundings and people are falling ill prey to the diseases.

A resident of Ahmed Nagar Ayesha Begum said that garbage collection is one of the biggest problems in the area. She said that the GHMC workers comes only once in a week to collect the garbage, so sometimes, we throw the waste in open nala in the area.

Another resident Saif said that we have given multiple representations to GHMC to provide tricycles to collect the garbage as the roads in the area are in a bad condition, official had agreed to provide tricycles, but nothing has worked out till now. He said that though the representation has been given at the highest level, but no work has been done at the ground-level.

When asked about the same subject GHMC corporator Ayesha Rubina said that there are one lakh residents but only four trolleys and five rickshaws to collect garbage. She said that as the garbage is not being collected regularly waste is been thrown in nala. 
She said “I have given representation during the standing committee meeting to provide garbage trolleys but there is no response. Whereas the GHMC had announced ‘Swachh ward’ ranking and segregation of waste”.