Centre to treat aorta diseases opens

Centre to treat aorta diseases opens

The citybased Citizens Specialty Hospitals launched a centre for treatment of aortarelated complications and diseases

• Several life-saving surgeries performed on patients suffering from aorta-related complications
• There are only a handful of surgeons who are capable of performing complicated aorta-related procedures in the Telugu states
• Neglected and undiagnosed aortic aneurysms are often catastrophic

Hyderabad: The city-based Citizens Specialty Hospitals launched a centre for treatment of aorta-related complications and diseases.

The Citizens Heart team consisting of Dr Vikram Reddy Aerra, Consultant cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr Sudheer Koganti, consultant cardiologist and Dr Hari Ram, consultant cardiologist, disclosed the functioning of a dedicated centre for aortic diseases, at a press conference organised here on Tuesday.

Dr Vikram Reddy Aerra successfully performed lifesaving Bentall’s procedures on several patients. this procedure is carried out on patients with dilated aortic root and ascending aorta.

Rupture of aorta is life threatening and survival is minimal once it happens. This complex procedure requires careful planning, counseling, support, heart team care and takes longer than 8 hours to complete. There are only a handful of surgeons who are capable of performing these procedures in the Telugu states.

Citizen’s heart team performed their 3rd TAVR, a lifesaving percutaneous aortic valve replacement procedure and alternative to open heart surgery.

The procedure was conducted even though the patient was unfit for surgery due to the complications involved like previous mechanical mitral valve replacement and cirrhosis of the liver.

Following the successful completion of procedure, the patient was discharged two days later and is now awaiting a liver transplant.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Aung Ye Oo, consultant cardiothoracic surgeon & aortic diseases, BARTS Heart Centre, London, said, Citizens Hospitals through Dr Vikram and Dr Sudheer were collaborating henceforth in managing complex cardiac cases.

This collaboration involves planning, multi-disciplinary team discussions and performing surgeries together on case by case basis.

Dr Vikram, consultant cardiothoracic surgeon, Citizens Specialty Hospital, said, “Advances in medical and surgical management aid in effectively managing various aortic conditions.

Inception of centre for aortic disease at Citizens Specialty Hospital has the potential to offer a well-directed, patient-orientated multidisciplinary care.”
Dr Vikram specifically recollected his association with Dr Aung, a world authority in aortic surgeries during his stay in UK when they established a dedicated aortic programme at BHC London.

Dr Sudheer Koganti, consultant cardiologist, Citizens Specialty Hospital, said that after undergoing cardiology training at BARTS Heart Centre, London, for 14 years, he returned to India and started working in Citizens Hospitals.

Nilesh Gupta, zonal director, American Oncology Institute and Citizens Specialty Hospital, said undiagnosed aortic aneurysms and neglected once diagnosed with no surveillance or treatment was often catastrophic.

Once the aneurysm ruptures patient often does not have enough time to reach hospital with expertise in dealing with these conditions. Patients at risk of developing these are with positive family history and those with Marfans syndrome (excessively tall patients).

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