Hyderabad: December 7 (Amavasya) and December 11 (Tuesday or Mangalvaar) are generally considered inauspicious days according to Hindu calendar for marriages, engagements, housing warming-like ceremonies or for buying new vehicles or even getting the vehicles registered. However, these were the days fixed by the Election Commission of India for polling (December 7) and for counting of votes (December 11) in Telangana.

It is a well-known fact that K Chandrashekar Rao is a staunch believer in horoscope and auspicious muhurats and understandably his rivals and critics claimed that KCR and TRS was at a disadvantage and would lose the elections. However, putting all assumptions and speculation to rest, Chandrashekar Rao led his party to a landslide victory in the elections. 

The inauspicious days neither impacted KCR nor TRS from forming the government in the State for the second consecutive time. Priests say that Chandrashekar Rao had the blessings of god and support of people and hence other factors did not impact his party’s performance in the elections.

It may be recalled that Rao performed the gigantic Ayutha Maha Chandi Yagam and a few other pujas besides taking up makeover and development of Yadadri, Vemulawada, Basar and other noted temples in the State. 

Also, he has introduced a numerous welfare schemes that benefitted common people and poor in society. According to Jyothirmaya Mahapeetam founder Divyagnana Siddhanti, KCR had blessings of Almighty, saints and seers and also lakhs of families in the State and hence inauspicious muhurats did not matter him in the elections. 

“Results showed that people reposed immense faith and rallied behind KCR. People across all sections blessed him for what they felt was a good work in last four-and-a- half years. People’s blessings are equal to that of almighty’s,” he said.

Meanwhile, numerologist Pooja Jainn of Digitsndestini said that though December 7 was an Amavasya day, it was favourable to KCR as per numerology. KCR’s birthday is February 17 and according to the numerologist 7 is a favourable number for 17. “With respect to Numerology 7 is the most favorable to number 17, which also happens to be the date of birth of KCR. 

So, without a pinch of hesitation it can be said that the election date worked wonderfully with KCR’s numbers. Every person has his or her personal day that reveals the impact that day brings in their life within a week or a month. If we read numerology grid of KCR +KTR the personal day does comes with a lot of hard work, secretive remedies but must wait for hopeful surprises,” she said.

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