Kill the look with formals

Kill the look with formals

Your clothing and styling is the first thing to be noticed that forms an opinion of you There is nothing like slipping into a clean, elegant suit and wear it like an armour

Your clothing and styling is the first thing to be noticed that forms an opinion of you. There is nothing like slipping into a clean, elegant suit and wear it like an armour.

Going minimalist is essential to look best in formals. Fresh minimal make-up, neat and sleek hairdo, little or no jewellery, clean, neatly manicured nails and a hint of mild perfume is the chicest, easy and comfortable way.

All your separates should be clean fitted and neatly ironed.

The fit is the most important part. In most cases, that means taking branded clothes to a tailor for alteration. Starch iron all your shirts and cotton sarees to keep them looking crisp and dry clean all clothes that don’t directly come in contact with your bodies, like sweaters and blazers.

Colours: Neutral colours such as beige, ivory, taupe, black, grey and shades of white are a must-have. You can also go with pastels and corals for a delicate look, you could choose dark muted colours for a bold and minimal look. Try to use bright colours and prints only in scarves and ties. You can never go wrong with black, white and navy blue while wearing formals.

Patterns: Plaids and subtle prints that appear solid from across a room are conservative and safe. Plaids and prints teamed with solid earthy coloured bottoms make you look graceful. Stripes are a go to if you do not want to think too much or are in a hurry.

Suits: Most important part of the suits, either skirt suits or pantsuits, are fabric, fit, and comfort. For autumn, winter, and spring – wool is still the best choice. For summer, cotton, gabardines, and linen are good choices. Ellen DeGeneres mostly wears suits and you know how well she carries it.

Skirts: Skirts typically are hemmed just around the knees. Pencil skirt and A-Line skirt will save you from any bad day. Calf length pencil skirt with front or back slit gives you a modern, trendy and elegant look. Sandra Bullock nailed this look in her movie, ‘The Proposal’.

Trousers: Pants or trousers in black, blue, beige, brown, grey, maroon made of moderate to heavy weight fabrics like cotton and wool gives you a classic and dignified look. Khaki, twill, and corduroy are other good fabric choices. Solid and checks both are simple yet elegant. Straight fit or cigarette fit keeps your overall look polished.

Blouses and shirts: What you pair with your suit is as important as the suit itself. Blouses and shirts should not be transparent. Modest dressing is appropriate. High-quality cotton and linens are good choices.
A white button shirt is a must-have in any wardrobe. It can be paired with a pantsuit, trousers or a skirt. Simple bows, ruffles, pintucks present the look appealing to the eye. Check out Caroline Channing in ‘2 Broke Girls’, you will know what I am talking about.

Blazers and jackets: A stylish jacket or blazer is enough to give you the attention you demand your personality and position. Coordinated pants, trousers or skirts looks incredible with blazers. For a professional yet stylish look, one can wear it over a one-piece dress with a solid colour or dainty prints.A ruffled blouse under it gives the ultimate look that enriches the personality. Go home and watch ‘Devil Wears Prada’ for inspiration.

Dresses: A simple one-piece dress with princess line, comfortable fit that is about knee length is perfect.
Accessories: These little accessories make your entire attire look fabulous.

Shoes: Functional, attractive, clean, and shined shoes are always ideal. Low-heeled pumps or flats are suitable for the vast majority of business situations. Closed-toed pumps in a colour that compliments your outfit are best. It is important to wear shoes that fit well so you can walk comfortably.

Handbags: Large enough to carry a few items of make-up, phone, charger, wallet and essentials. Always match your office handbag with your belt and shoes.

Belts: Leather, 1/2- to 3/4-inch thick. Coordinate the belt’s colour with your outfit.

Scarves: A trend that is fast catching on are scarves with suits, dresses or blouses. A scarf will add colour and class to a plain white shirt or blouse worn over pants, trousers, suits or a solid coloured dress. Look for scarves made of silk, wool, cashmere, or a blend of these fabrics.

Jewellery: Less is more. Keep your jewellery simple and understated. Adorning delicate small earrings and a matching chain with a slim pendant presents you graceful. A matching bracelet will also add some zing to a plain outfit.

Watch: A classy watch adds panache to any outfit. So, if you're investing in something slightly expensive, buy a watch that will match with Indian and Western wear.

By: Deepika Sarode
The writer is founder of PikaLove.

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