Voting is the right given to every individual without any discrimination of gender and so the number of women voters in the list this year was about 1. 35 crores in Hyderabad alone while the percentage of women who voted was 51.75%. 

Statistics suggest that more and more women are voting every year indicating a steadily increasing participation in the politics, which may also be due to more women being educated and awareness, thanks to the easy access to information and news. 

Hence, there is a growing importance for women as an electoral constituency. When women vote, it necessarily need not be for a women candidate, and the criteria could be plain and simple - welfare and amenities. Interestingly, women’s safety, job opportunities, better representation are few of the key determinants for voting.  

B Sruthika, a Business Systems Consultant from Wells Fargo shares, “This is my second vote, I think I made a wise decision voting to a particular party as the leader is very strong and capable and efficient in putting into actions what he has promised. I also feel that when it comes to providing employment for women, few political parties have worked on this aspect very keenly.”

Voting has no age limit and so an 83-year-old Helen Seleena, who has worked as a teacher in Wesley School for Girls said, “I vote every year thinking that one would at least work for the betterment of the society. I never look at the election as to vote for one particular person, but to vote for the person who thinks for every citizen, women in specific.”

People from varied fields have also cast their votes in the Telangana State. From the Telugu film industry one of the few women film directors, B V Nandini Reddy, who has directed the Tollywood movie ‘Ala Modalaindi’ says, “I find no difference when we talk about the perspective of women who vote. We all need the same basic amenities and so we vote.”

There are a lot of young girls, who cast their votes for the first time. D Sheba who is one among the first-time voters, shares, “Voting is every individual’s right and I am glad that I got the opportunity to vote for the first time.  It helps me to choose the right candidate whom I think is eligible and can bring change for a better state. Most of the people who got an opportunity for the first time think the same way. It might also help in projecting women to represent us and highlight our issues. #voteforchange.”

Homemakers are the people, who run their house in a systematic manner and always take good care of their families. Some of them seem to have a different perspective when it comes to choose their leaders. Dumpala Ruth, a homemaker shares, “I vote every year to choose the leader that would benefit citizens. It is a movement of pride for me to choose the leader who would run the government. Being a homemaker and a woman, my choice of leader also depends on who can create an atmosphere to ensure safety for women.”

Radio Mirchi RJ Smiley Swathi has given a live show through the voting day speaking to first time voters in Hyderabad and the importance of citizen’s Right to Vote. She shares, “I basically look at the overall work the government has done for five years and cast my vote, and talking about a women's perspective, I think we are being given importance as we have safety teams set up for us, which is good.”

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