The magic of a home baker
The magic of a home baker

Christmas is few weeks away and yummy cakes and chocolates are as much a part of the festivities as the merriment. Those who love deliciously baked stuff would want to get it from the right place. You can’t go wrong with the cake is the unwritten. 

Baking is an art on its own and during Christmas it becomes an enterprising art for home-based entrepreneurs. Jessy, who started baking out of interest steered towards starting her own brand of bakes and is now one of the most sought after. 

Choco Splash began in 2008. She shares, “My mother was always into baking and for me it was always about desserts. I started making homemade chocolates because I love chocolates. I started looking at recipes and attended a workshop, and eventually when I started making chocolates on my own, at home, I was on a roll.” 

“I made my first batch of chocolates and people stated to like them. Few of my friends stated placing small orders and then I stated trying to make them in different flavours, like butterscotch, fruit and nut. One of my friends suggested that I should start making other desserts.

And, I began trying chocolate mousse, brownie, however, everything was about chocolate. For Christmas, I started getting more orders, I also started baking cakes and the word spread.”

In addition to baking during free time Jessy works at Cognizant has a two-year-old kid, all of which she tackles smoothly. She is never known to be late on her orders. 

It was not always a rosy journey for Jessy’s Choco Splash. She started the first counter of her baking enterprise in Vizag. She quit her job and was full time into baking. But she was attached to a club, which shut its door forcing her to close her counter too. It was during this time that she came to Hyderabad in search of a job. 

She started her baking doing small-size caterings. “. Right now, from home, I can serve 100 people. I also serve at my church,” she adds. 
Choco Splash which was famous for chocolates slowly changed into gifting solutions and Jessy started getting orders for assorted hampers.

The work has increased manifold. Yet, she doesn’t go in for advertising. “I have a Facebook page that is called Choco Splash, but I do not post things regularly. During Christmas time people approach me through my page. I am not into much of advertising because I can only cater to limited orders right now.”

Speaking about how she manages to give time to her baking business, she says, “The work is my necessity and baking being my interest, I make time for it. I have a two-year-old kid, challenges are there for me, but I make sure that I look at it to a practical end.

I come home at 6 and spend time with my kid when she goes off to bed at 9:30pm I start my working for my orders at 10pm in the night. So, something that I compromise on is my sleep. My husband has been a greatest support. If he wasn’t there, I would not have pulled this off.”

Talking about why people should choose Choco Splash, she says, “I do not see numbers and when it is less number or orders, I manage to give consistency of quality. Every customer that came back to me, it was for the quality and taste. Here, everything is customized.”

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