Chess master @ 14

Chess master @ 14

V Karthik was just eight-years old when he started playing chess as a hobby. Now, at 14, the boy from Tirupati is a prof with many awards in his kitty ...

V Karthik was just eight-years old when he started playing chess as a hobby. Now, at 14, the boy from Tirupati is a prof with many awards in his kitty Victor Rao masterHe got a chessboard on his eighth birthday by her mother as a gift.A Now after passing fourteen summers, V Karthik is all set to become a chess master. It is said that passion and purpose go hand in hand.A When you discover your purpose, you will normally find it is something you are tremendously passionate about. V Karthik realised about his enticement and penchant towards chess at the tender age of eight when his mother gifted a chessboard on his birthday. He cherishes all those childhood reminiscences when he used to spend hours and hours becoming au fait with the nuances of the game, its moves, castling, jargon, etc. The endless certificates and trophies are evidence of his sheer grit and determination and his allegiance towards the board game. "I go crazy about chess and ever since I can remember this is what I have been doing," says the soft-spoken boy who is now 14. He recollects an incident where he smashed the TV screen with a cricket ball and the very next day he was admitted in a chess coaching center close to his house in Tirupati, his native place, just to shun the expensive household articles being demolished.A Little her mother knew that the spur-of-the-moment decision would completely change her son's life. "In 2011, at a national tournament in Tirupati, I happened to play against L Ravi.A At that time, I was unmindful that he runs a chess academy in Hyderabad.A I was enthralled by his performance and this is how I landed in Hyderabad to train myself under the tutelage of former Asian Champion and International Master at Cyber Chess Academy, Diamond Point," says the chess master. He is all praise for all his coaches of Cyber Chess Academy.A Deepak Katiyar, UP State Champion, FIDE 2012 rating 2242, the present coach of V Karthik shares about the nitty-gritty of the game and applauds the young master's move by move line of attack. He adds modestly, "Winning is not important because by winning you become over confident and youA tend to ignore your weak spots, but what is imperative is the participation because it points us where we are and what we are." "I never ignored my studies or put that on the back burner; in fact, Science is my favorite subject.A During my examinations, I totally concentrate on my academics," says Karthik who is studying in class VIII at Jain Heritage who efficiently manages his time between studies and his game. His methodical thinking, which is of more use in chess, keeps him ahead and unique from his counterparts.
-A A A He has won first in the rating category of GM Tournament held at Mumbai and won cash prize of Rs 7,000, September 2011. -A A A He was state first under age category 15 and he lead the AP Team as captain and participated in National Games at Jabalpur SGF and won Bronze medal for AP September 2011. -A A A He achieved 16th place in FIDE International Tournament held at St Joseph's College Chennai and won International MASTER Rated 3734 and won many big players above 2500 rated and gained 31 points. -A A A Recent Vizak GM Tournament increased Karthik's 27 points and U-13 Second. -A A A In National School Games Federation held at Mumbai 2013 AP, he stood first and won gold medal for AP under his captaincy. -A A A Karthik won Board Prize Gold medal in National School Games, Mumbai. -A A A In Chennai GM Tournament held in January 2103, he gained 16 rating points and in March rating is 2084.
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