Apple Cancels MicroLED Screen Plans, Bloomberg Reports

Apple Cancels MicroLED Screen Plans, Bloomberg Reports

Bloomberg reveals that Apple reportedly cancelled plans for a MicroLED screen in future Apple Watches due to cost and complexity concerns.

Apple has decided to halt its efforts to develop a MicroLED display for the Apple Watch, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reported. The decision came around the same time Apple ceased work on a self-driving car, citing the project's high costs and complexity as major factors.

This development aligns with an earlier prediction by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who cited the prohibitive production costs as the reason behind the cancellation of the in-house MicroLED display project. Consequently, Apple eliminated "several dozen" engineering roles, including some at its screen manufacturing facility in California, according to Bloomberg.

Rumours surrounding Apple's venture into MicroLED displays for smartwatches surfaced last year, with Bloomberg suggesting that Apple aimed to introduce these displays in its Apple Watch models by 2024 or 2025. This move was expected to reduce Apple's dependence on display suppliers like Samsung and LG.

While Apple currently employs OLED displays in its Apple Watch, offering bright and vibrant screens, the advantages of MicroLED technology remain unclear. Nonetheless, Bloomberg indicates that Apple is still exploring avenues to integrate MicroLED into its devices, actively seeking new suppliers and refining processes.

While Apple's MicroLED aspirations for the Apple Watch may be on hold, the company's ongoing pursuit of innovative display technologies underscores its commitment to enhancing user experiences and product capabilities in the long term.

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