Threads Launches Global Keyword Search Feature

Threads Launches Global Keyword Search Feature

After undergoing testing in specific regions, this update is now available to the entire user base, assisting all languages.

As Threads, the text-based social media platform powered by Instagram continues to enhance its offerings through regular updates, users have eagerly awaited certain features, and the introduction of keyword search is a significant development. Previously tested in select English and Spanish-speaking regions, the feature has now been expanded to cater to users globally.

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, announced the availability of the keyword search feature on Threads. He said, "Today, we're expanding keyword search everywhere Threads is available. This feature is supported in all languages – we hope this makes it easier to find and join conversations you're interested in. More improvements are coming to search soon".

Threads Embraces Multilingualism with Keyword Search Rollout

Users have long requested this functionality, which aligns with hashtag searches, aiming to enhance content and user discoverability while simplifying the exploration of specific topics.

Mosseri indicated that additional improvements to the keyword search feature are in the pipeline, although the specifics remain undisclosed. Possibilities include advanced search metrics similar to those on X, allowing users to search for multiple keywords and posts within a specific timeframe.

Despite the rollout of the keyword search feature, Threads maintains strict control over inappropriate keywords, filtering out offensive, discriminatory, and sexually explicit terms to ensure a safe and positive user experience.

In a recent update, Threads introduced a feature allowing users to delete their Threads account separately without affecting their Instagram account. This adjustment deviates from the previous setup, where deactivating a Threads account required deactivating the associated Instagram account as well.

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