International Vlogger's Day: Tips to be a Successful Vlogger

International Vloggers Day: Tips to be a Successful Vlogger

International Vlogger’s Day is celebrated on 10th August.

International Vlogger's Day is celebrated on 10th August. Online creators celebrate their work, and it's a day to encourage more and more people to share their stories online. Nuseir Yassin comes to my mind on this day, who creates 1-minute videos on Facebook under the page Nas Daily.

Nowadays, it is a trend to be a vlogger. People consider it as cool to share their stories with the rest of the world, and for some, it is their career.

On the vloggers day, here are some tips for you to be a successful vlogger.

1. Camera, tripod and microphone

The basic need to be a vlogger is to have a camera and tripod. You might be thinking, why do you need a camera when you have an iPhone with you?

These are the reasons why a smartphone is not advised for serious vlogging.

• It is challenging to mount properly

• They have a limited field of depth

• exposure options are limited

• Sound won't be great

2. Lightning

Make sure that the surrounding is bright enough, don't shoot your video in dark forcing people to do guesswork.

The most vital thing is to distinguish yourself or your subject from the background. Of course, you will be able to do this with the focus and depth of field. You don't even need a professional lighting setup.

3. Prepare well

You must be clear what you are going to talk about and be prepared so that the content sounds fluent without any gaps. No problem, if you stuck somewhere, take a break and reshoot the video. You can anyhow edit the video later. Make sure you are confident and maintain eye contact with the viewers.

4. Be neat and presentable

This might sound controversial, but that's OK. We are here to guide you with all of the choices available to become a successful vlogger.

We don't mean that you should look, Aishwarya Rai or Shah Rukh Khan.

Just be neat and presentable, check the video in the camera if any part of your face is looking too shiny apply some powder on that so that you don't end up looking oily.

5. Edit

Making videos is also a skill. Edit your videos before you upload them. Delete the part where there is a gap, or you are stammering. Take the best takes to build your content more rapidly.

Prepare a good thumbnail below 2 MB. Editing software is easily found online. If you feel this is not good enough, reshoot it before you upload.

6. Optimise your video for search

• Write a short description for your video

• Get your keywords in the description

• Write the title of your video with the keywords

• Add tags. Tags help you get listed in the related videos when people are watching other videos

Last but not least, be consistent with your work. Keep adding good content and post related videos and keep your viewers updated. You will surely have many followers soon.

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