Hyderabad: Small firecrackers spark panic among people

Hyderabad: Small firecrackers spark panic among people

  • The firecrackers which are supposed to be lit by children has been bursting due to low quality
  • Parents alleged that the small crackers was harmful to kids this Diwali

Hyderabad: Have you ever noticed that the firecrackers like flowerpots (anar), Zameen chakkar, magic pencils, and a few other small crackers started bursting and creating harm, especially among children? This is what exactly happened during this Diwali celebration. It was witnessed that this cracker which is meant to be less dangerous and soundless also posed a grave threat as these used to burst after being lit. Such incidents were reported in the city, and the people complained that the small firecrackers were busted, and the children were frightened.

The small crackers like anar, Zameen chakkar, Phool jade, and magic pencil which are usually lit by the small kids. These crackers are also seen bursting and creating panic among parents. They said that it was due to the manufacturing of crackers with low-quality raw materials.

For the standard firecrackers or the non-standard ones, the risk that one poses is the same. Even though the cost of firecrackers skyrocketed this year, the quality still remained low and posed a threat.

"We always buy standard crackers as they are usually of good quality. But this year, even small crackers like anar, Zameen chakkar, magic pencil, and especially rockets posed a huge threat as the quality of crackers was very low. Flower pots and Zameen chakkar which are usually soundless and are usually lit up to show happiness and joy also posed a threat of injury as these burst after being lit due to the low-quality production," said Anil Kumar who found fault in the production of crackers.

With the bursting of these small crackers, several incidents were reported. A few children were found burning their hands and frightened when it was busted. Anjani Sharma, a parent said "In a box of 10 magic pencils, almost all were busted after it was lit, and the kids got scared and sustained burn injuries.

Moreover, apart from the small crackers, it was also observed that the rockets were damaged and bursting on the ground itself. Shaik Akram, a resident of Somajiguda said, "I purchased 24 rockets this Diwali, of which more than a dozen of them were damaged or were not flying in the proper direction. Usually, rockets blast up in the sky after being lit, but the rockets which I purchased, went up and came bidirectional and fell on the land while posing a grave threat of injury to a lot of people. Few went zig-zag bursting into the adjacent houses while few burst on the land. There should be a check on the quality of crackers being produced because if this continues it will land many people in hospitals."

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