Jadcherla Municipality tops in tax collection

Jadcherla Municipality tops in tax collection

Jadcherla Municipality tops in tax collection


Jadcherla Municipality has bagged number one position among all the municipalities in the State with highest tax collection in just a period of 10 days.

Mahabubnagar: Jadcherla Municipality has bagged number one position among all the municipalities in the State with highest tax collection in just a period of 10 days.

According to Jadcherla Municipal Commissioner Mahmood Sheik, commissioner of Jadcherla municipality in Mahabubnagar district said that the main reason for maximum tax collection in such a short period of time is due to the State government's initiative of providing 5 per cent discount in house tax to owners, if they clear their all pending house taxes within 30 days from April 1st onwards.

Though Jadcherla has been carved into a Municipality just 2 years back, the town has been fast transformed into a well planned developed city and this is possible only because of the municipal authorities and the local public representatives who are constantly supervising not just the sanitation, greenery, development of parks and moving ahead with a consistent plan of developing the roads, drains, dumping yards, garbage collection and various development initiatives of the government with priority.

At present the Jadcherla Municipality is having more than 8630 households. The Jadcherla municipality could collect more than 19.98 lakhs and accounts to over 11.83 per cent of tax collection, which is highest in the entire State of Telangana.

"We are glad and happy to inform you that Jadcherla the newly formed municipality has bagged top position in tax collection in the entire state with more than 11.8 per cent. We are encouraging the households and owners to pay their house taxes in time and also urging them to utilize the 5 per cent discount scheme offered by the government. We are urging all the house owners to pay their taxes in time and extend their hand in the development of the municipality".

However, some of the house owners in Jadcherla municipality alleged that before the town turned into municipality, the house tax and water connection tax was the lowest with just Rs. 500 to 1200 per year, however this has increased many folds and increased to more than 5000 to 6000 per year based on the area of residence.

However the municipal authorities denied these allegations and said that they are following the same tax slabs that were followed in the earlier Jadcherla Major gram panchayat and if there are any discrepancies, the house owners are welcome to lodge their complaints.

Explaining on this, Shashidhar, Revenue Officer cum manager of Jadcherla Municipality said that they have divided Jadcherla municipality into 4 zones and accordingly each area is categorised into residential, non residential, commercial and slum cum poor dwellers areas.

"We are not having flat slabs in Jadcherla municipality, it depends on areas. Market areas, busy commercial areas along the main highways and those areas which are residential and poor dwellers areas based on this we decided the tax per square feet of area," informed Shashidhar.

Overall the Jadcherla Municiplaity has been fast picking up in the tax collection and at the same time it has also been in the forefront in various development activities and has achieved more than 90 per cent targets of developments like building parks, roads, drains, dumping yards, crematoriums, gardens etc.

As per the report, Jadcherla has bagged top place in the tax collection with 19.98 lakhs at 11.83 per cent collection, while Nalgonda district has bagged second place with 9.3 percent tax collection from 1572 households of the total 19,383 buldings in the municipality and the Shadnagar municipality has bagged 3 place with 8.8 per cent of tax collection from 359 households with a total collection of Rs. 27.40 lakhs.

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