The Fierce Wife: The Price For Infidelity Is Exorbitant

The Fierce Wife: The Price For Infidelity Is Exorbitant

the issue has been dealt with several times in movies and series. But the Mandarin drama The Fierce Wife takes it to the next level.

Infidelity – the issue has been dealt with several times in movies and series. But the Mandarin drama The Fierce Wife takes it to the next level. The law of karma and the general saying that what goes around comes around is so well depicted in the characters and plot of this very interesting, addictive and engaging story. So, what's the series all about?

Spoiler Alert: If you still havent watched it, then here's the plot of the entire series in a gist. But we bet even if I were to narrate the entire story here, you will still want to watch the series as it's mindblowing and binge watch worthy. The Mandarin series The Fierce Wife is available on Netflix.

An-zhen and Rui-Fan are an ideal couple, having been married for ten years. One would like to believe they are happy and truly in love with each other. Everything is picture perfect in their lives –a good job, a warm home and a sweet child. The woman (wife) couldn't have asked for more until one day the disaster arrives home in the form of her cousin (Wei-in). She comes back from the States and wants to put up with her temporarily until she finds a place.

Wei-in silently envies her cousin and brother-in-law and wishes to be in An-zhen's place, which is evil and psychotic, because only psychos can ruin other people's happiness. You will know what I mean after you watch it.

And then begins her trials to seduce Rui-Fan and the moron even falls for her. Call it mid-life-crisis or insanity, one fails to box it. Why would anyone want to forgo a comfortable, stable and happy life to walk on eggshells? Perhaps for some excitement, thrill or little pleasures. Whatever it is, but they are usually branded betrayers, cheaters etc.

Things become obvious between the two, but An-zhen hopes what she sees is not true as the poor innocent woman has blind faith in Rui-fan, until one day she confronts him. This man has the nerve not only to cheat on her but even tell her about it. She is completely shattered and left in disbelief.

The affair reaches its peak between them and Rui-fan is forced by his girlfriend to get a divorce from his wife. He becomes so insensitive and non-chalant that he forces her to sign the papers while she is hospitalized. And the unfortunate event happens – the divorce or perhaps the fortunate event for An-zhen until she discovers it.

An-zhen goes through trauma neglecting herself, hurting herself. She never thought she would live to see his day. The word 'love' holds no meaning for her anymore.

The people who stand by her through this difficult times are his sister-in-law, brother-in-law and Mr.Lan (a rich corporate entrepreneur) whom An-zhen befriends while she bumps into him at an antique store.

She realizes that sitting and grieving about it will not get her anywhere. She takes up a job, invests time in herself and focuses on her daughter. She takes charge of her life and vows to herself that she is no longer going to play the victim card.

Mr.Lan stands by her and transforms her from Plain Jane to a stylish lady with grace, dignity and elegance. That's the best thing to have happened to her since the divorce as she makes everyone's heads turn towards her especially Rui-fan's and Wei-in's and they can't digest the fact that she has transformed. The scene where Rui-Fan tells her, she looked better earlier than now and she replies, "Do you think anyone cares about your suggestion or do you want me to consider your suggestion." would evoke whistles from all the women folk who sympathize with her.

An-zhen focuses on her career and makes it to the top and good things start happening to her. As the tables turn for An-zhen, Mr.Lan falls in love with her and they begin to have feelings for each other.

While karma gets back at Rui-Fan as he begins to feel suffocated with his partner. In spite of having all the freedom after divorce, they don't feel it and the love between them begins to fade and he realizes that it's hard to love just for the sake of love.

Rui-Fan loses his job and his girl friend starts hating him and dumps him to go back to the States. He doesn't get a job and takes up a job outside the city. He is neither left with the wife nor the girlfriend. That's what happens when you are selfish and inconsiderate.

Rui-Fan tries to come back to his wife assuming she would forgive him, but she never falters while telling him that she is not willing to go back with him.


Cooking for your husband, dropping him to work and ensuring everything is smooth on the home front doesn't mean that a woman enjoys doing it, it means she loves her husband and family to the core and hence she puts her heart and soul into making a house a home. The moral of the story is for couples to never take relationships for granted. Like they say, broken pieces can never be mended. And infidelity always comes with a high price tag. Go for it only if you are willing to throw all that you now have.

Rating: 4.5/5

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