Andhra Pradesh: Endowment department to submit a report over irregularities in Simhachalam lands

Simhachalam temple

Simhachalam temple 


A report to be submitted on The land irregularities in Simhachalam and Mansas trust. The endowment officials submit it to the Special Commissioner of State Endowments, Arjuna Rao.

The endowments department officials, who are probing land irregularities related to the Simhachalam temple land encroachment and the Mansas, Trust during the TDP government, will submit a report on Friday. The committee headed by Additional Commissioner Chandra Kumar, Regional Commissioner Bhramaramba, and Deputy Commissioner Pushpavardhan visited Simhachalam and Vizianagaram to inquiry into the matter.

They have visited the five villages and collected details from the people there. Simhachalam temple records, property list property registers have been thoroughly examined and a report has been prepared in the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Visakhapatnam Endowments Department. It will be submitted to the Special Commissioner of State Endowments, Arjuna Rao, on Friday.

There are controversies ever since Ashok Gajapathi Raju was removed as Chairman of MANSAS trust and appointing Sanchaita Gajapathi Raju. However, the former was reinstated as Mansas trust chairman and subsequently the inquiry into the irregularities in the Simhachalam lands.

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