Kurnool: Puncture shop owner served a monthly bill of `57,000

Puncture shop owner served a monthly bill of `57,000

Puncture shop owner served a monthly bill of `57,000


Basavanna, a resident of Nandyal, points out that so far his power consumption bill has never crossed `100

Kurnool: The Electricity Department has charged Rs 57,000 towards power consumption for one month to a tyre puncture shop organiser. On seeing the unexpected and unimagined power bill, the shop owner reportedly fell unconscious.

After gaining consciousness, he proceeded to the electricity office to seek clarification on why he had been charged such a hefty amount.

According to information, one Basavanna is a resident of Nandyal. To support his family he is running a small tyre puncture shop in front of his house. Every month he is getting a bill of Rs 100 towards power consumption at his house. But on Tuesday, Basavanna was shocked to see an unimaginable amount of Rs 57,000 charged towards power consumption for just one month.

Basavanna pointed out that so far he had never received power consumption bill more than Rs 100 in a month. But in September 2021, the Electricity Department staff served him a bill for Rs 57,000 and wondered how he was charged such a hefty sum as a monthly bill.

It is not a shopping mall or some other commercial establishment; it is a small residence with two lights, a fan, a television and an air filling motor, je said.

He called upon the Electricity Department officials to rectify the mistake and render justice to him.

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