Mudragada Padmanabham urges PM to reconsider privatisation of VSP

Mudragada urges PM to reconsider  privatisation of VSP

Mudragada urges PM to reconsider privatisation of VSP


Writes letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Kakinada: Former Minister and Kapu movement leader Mudragada Padmanabham on Tuesday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reconsider privatisation of Visakha Steel plant.

In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Mudragada appealed to him to reconsider his opinion on privatisation of Visakha Steel plant in view of great sacrifices of the students as well as political leaders in those days.

In the letter, Padmanabham said that the Visakha Steel Plant represents the sacrifice of several lives and also the result of so many eminent political leaders who had resigned to their respective political positions.

He said that many people are extremely disappointed and hurt to realise that the steel plant which was once achieved after many struggle, agitation and sacrifices is being privatised now. Even some people lost their lives for getting the steel plant.

The Visakha Steel plant could not be compared with any other factory in the country, he pointed out. "It is important to reconsider this decision and put in efforts into knowing the history of the steel plant."

He urged Prime Minister Modi to respect the desires and sentiments of people and reconsider the decision to privatise the steel plant. He said that the decision to privatise Visakha steel plant came as a seismic shock to Andhra people. Hence the reconsideration to privatise Visakha Steel plant is desirable for the benefit and prosperity of the AP region.

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